Food Glorious Food: A Second Helping.


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Today, in further preparation for her summer holidays, a student and I conversed about sightseeing. 🙂
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Decorate a Summertime Mind Map

This afternoon I was back at Pipolo’s ice cream bar for some conversation. Today, we naturally spoke about the summer and how we enjoyed it.  Here is a quick mind map of our conversation for you to decorate. 🙂

Mind map jpg


Today we had a conversation about hotels. 🙂


Today a teenage student and I were talking about her planned trip to the USA.  She is longing to see the metropolises that have filled the star studded screens. 🙂

Where the wild things are – Day 2

 The second day has finished and it was a hot one. We started the day with our conversation circle and we concentrated on two questions:

  • What did you have for breakfast?
  • How are you?

We spent our circle time solely on these two because the children were slightly muddled between ‘How are you?‘ and ‘How old are you?‘. To help them overcome this we wrote ‘How are you?’ in large chalk letters on the playground floor. We’ll revisit the  question tomorrow and see how they do. 🙂

Inside the classroom their English work concentrated on one of the book’s the first scenes; Max’s bedroom. We looked at the picture then created a mind map about the things we often find in children’s bedrooms.

Next, the children worked with Dajana, they drew forests and created forest crowns, it was great to see them delving into their imaginary kingdoms.

We continued the forest theme and I read a short text concerning what Max may have seen in his own make-believe forest kingdom. I pointed out the tall trees, the long grass and brightly coloured flowers, the mud and river, and Max’s discovery of a wild pig in a deep dark cave. We went on to learn the names of  some common forest animals and we ended the forest unit with a forest themed crossword and  word search.

Dajana then showed the children how to make paper claws. The children made their own, and were soon roaring and clawing like wild animals.

We moved on to learn a new song; Row, row, row, your boat. The children were enthusiastic to transfer it into a Nintendo Wii karaoke battle, so we moved to the projector room. The group naturally formed itself into two wild teams; the boys versus the girls. The battle began. They sang their new song, as well as returning to ‘The Alphabet Song‘, which is always a firm favourite.  It was a gruelling battle, but in the end the victory was given to the girls.

We ended the morning back outside with ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf?’

Another great day was brought to a close.


Here is the latest mind map from the Teatime English Club. 🙂

Nature Mind map Jpeg.

Countries and Nationalities

Here is the latest map from our Teatime English club.

Here is the JPEG.

Here is the .mm File.

Teatime English – Feelings

Yesterday’s first ‘Teatime English’ session was a great success. We studied the verb be and then went on to create our first mind map. 🙂

Feelings Mind Map JPEG.

Isaac Asimov (1951) – The Fun They Had – Mind Map

The Fun They Had Mind Map JPEG.

The Fun They Had Short Story.