Today, in further preparation for her summer holidays, a student and I conversed about sightseeing. 🙂
Sightseeing jpg

Decorate a Summertime Mind Map

This afternoon I was back at Pipolo’s ice cream bar for some conversation. Today, we naturally spoke about the summer and how we enjoyed it.  Here is a quick mind map of our conversation for you to decorate. 🙂

Mind map jpg


Today we had a conversation about hotels. 🙂


Today a teenage student and I were talking about her planned trip to the USA.  She is longing to see the metropolises that have filled the star studded screens. 🙂

At The Beach

There is rainy weather outside my window this afternoon, but this morning an exceptional English learning teenager and I created the following sunny mind map.

This is also a preview of one of the methods I will be using at  Jezikajte 2012. 🙂

‘The Beach’ mind map jpg

The Sunny Side of Nature – part two. :-)

Here is the second nature mind map from the Teatime English Club.

Mind Map JPEG.

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Countries and Nationalities

Here is the latest map from our Teatime English club.

Here is the JPEG.

Here is the .mm File.

Feelings 2.0

Feelings 2.0 JPEG.

Emoticons PNG.

Easter Mind Map

 Here is The No. 1 Ladies’ Discussion Group‘s Easter mind map.

Thank you, ladies. Here is the JPEG for you to download.

Isaac Asimov (1951) – The Fun They Had – Mind Map

The Fun They Had Mind Map JPEG.

The Fun They Had Short Story.