The Oregon Trail – Past Simple


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Past Simple: Irregular Verbs and Negative Form


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My first days at work – Past Simple regular and irregular.

Complete the paragraphs using the past simple form of the verbs below.

make – have – not cook – work – arrive – clean – be – wash – be – not start – teach – have

I remember my first day working at the restaurant in 2009. I _________________ at 7:30, but I __________________ my shift until 8:00. I __________________ from 8:00 to 1:00 and then I _________________ my lunch break. My new colleagues __________________ me a lot even on my first day. It _________________ a great start to my career.

However, the head chef ________________horrible to me on the second. He __________________ me work very hard. I _________________ plates, _________________ the floors, and I _________________ anything. I _________________ a terrible day.

My first days at work – Worksheet.

My first days at work – Worksheet Answers.

Past Simple – Positive and Negative

Make sentences in both past simple positive and negative.

I ____________________ (cook) last night.
I ____________________ (cook) last night, but I will tonight.

She ______________________ (like) chocolate as a child.
She ______________________ (like) chocolate as a child, but she does now.

He ____________________ (play) sport when he was a teenager.
He ____________________ (play) sport when he was a teenager, but he does now.

We ____________________ (study) for the exam yesterday.
We ____________________ (study) for the exam yesterday, but we will today.

I ____________________ (work) in a restaurant last month.
I ____________________ (work) in a restaurant last month, but I will this month.

They _____________________ (stay) at home last weekend.
They _____________________ (stay) at home last weekend. But they will this weekend.

Lucy ____________________ (meet) her friends last week.
Lucy ____________________ (meet) her friends last week, but she will this week.

I ______________________ (go) out last night.
I ______________________ (go) out last night, but I will tonight.

You ____________________ (come) to the wedding.
You ____________________ (come) to the wedding, but you came to the reception party.

John ____________________ (do) his homework.

John ____________________ (do) his homework, because he worked until late.


Past Simple Worksheet.

Past Simple Worksheet Answers.

I have a headache!

We can use have to talk about possession, family (and other) relationships and illnesses.

 You have a car.  Ann has two sisters.  Pete has a nice girlfriend.  Joe had a cold last week.

You don’t have a car.  Ann doesn’t have two sisters.  Pete doesn’t have a nice girlfriend.  Joe didn’t have a cold last week.

Do you have a car?  Does Ann have two sisters?  Does Pete have a nice girlfriend?  Did Joe have a cold last week?

We also say that people have hair, eyes etc; and that things have parts.

You have brown hair.  Our old car had two doors. Her laptop has four USB ports.

You don’t have brown hair.  Our old car didn’t have two doors.  Her laptop doesn’t have four USB ports.

 Do you have brown hair?  Did our old car have two doors?  Does her laptop have four USB ports?

Circle the correct form

  • John / I have two brothers.
  • Mary has / had a cold yesterday.
  • My father / My parents has two cars.
  • We all / Sally have blue eyes.
  • I had /have a headache yesterday evening.
  • I can’t read The Lord of The Rings it had/ has  over 1000 pages!
  • Ann had a good job now / last year.


Make questions (?) or negatives (-) with have.

  • you / a cat (?)
  • Mike /many friends (-)
  • we / garden (-)
  • Why / you / two cars (?)
  • my aunt / a black cat (-)


Make sentences about Ann when she was six.

  • a bicycle (?)
  • a dog (+)
  • a computer (-)
  • many nice clothes (-)
  • lots of friends (?)


Teenage Catering Goblins from Outer Space

Here are a couple of links for a pair of elementary worksheets I have cobbled together for by teenage caterers.

My father was a dragon trainer.


There’s a dragon in my garden.


Have fun.

Past Simple, Past Perfect and Present Perfect

1. When I ____________________ (arrive) home last night, I discovered that Jane ____________________ (prepare) a beautiful candlelight dinner.


2. Since I began acting, I ____________________ (perform) in two plays, a television commercial and a TV drama. However, I ____________________ (speak, never even) publicly before I came to Hollywood in 1985.


3. By the time I got to the office, the meeting ____________________ (begin, already) without me. My boss ____________________ (be) furious with me and I ____________________ (be) fired.


4. When I ____________________ (turn) the radio on yesterday, I ____________________ (hear) a song that was popular when I was in high school. I ____________________ (hear, not) the song in years, and it ____________________ (bring) back some great memories.


5. Last week, I ____________________ (run) into an ex-girlfriend of mine. We ____________________ (see, not) each other in years, and both of us ____________________ (change) a great deal. I ____________________ (enjoy) talking to her so much that I ____________________ (ask) her out on a date. We are getting together tonight for dinner.


6. When Jack ____________________ (enter) the room, I ____________________ (recognize, not) him because he ____________________ (lose) so much weight and ____________________ (grow) a beard. He looked totally different!


7. The Maya established a very advanced civilization in the jungles of the Yucatan; however, their culture ____________________ (disappear, virtually) by the time Europeans first ____________________ (arrive) in the New World.


8. I ____________________ (do) so many things this week. I ____________________ (be) to the cinema, I ____________________ (visit) old friends and on Monday I ____________________ (even, bake) a cake.


Past Simple or Past Perfect

I can’t believe I _____________________ (get) that apartment. I _____________________ (submit) my application last week, but I didn’t think I had a chance of actually getting it. When I _____________________ (show) up to take a look around, there were at least twenty other people who _____________________ (arrive) before me. Most of them _____________________ (fill, already) out their applications and were already leaving. The landlord said I could still apply, so I did.


I _____________________ (try) to fill out the form, but I couldn’t answer half of the questions. They _____________________ (want) me to include references, but I didn’t want to list my previous landlord because I _____________________ (have) some problems with him in the past and I knew he wouldn’t recommend me. I _____________________ (end) up listing my father as a reference.


It was total luck that he_____________________ (decide) to give me the apartment. It turns out that the landlord and my father _____________________ (be) at high school together years before. I was really lucky!




Present and Past Simple Passive 1

Write passive sentences in present or past simple.


1. the documents / print / yesterday


2. that magazine / buy / last week.


3. our car / always/ wash / on Sundays.


4. the lights / switch on / every morning.


5. her house / build / before the first world war.


6. interviews / conducted / monthly.


7. Susan / stop / by the police / last night.


8. the letter / send / yesterday.


9. dinner / always / serve / at 7pm.


10. the children / pick up / not / from school / the day before yesterday.


11. the table / often / set / by the children


12. the cat / usually / feed / before Mary goes to work.


13. her office / clean / not / properly last night.



Past Simple and Present Perfect 2


 Since computers were first introduced to the public in the early 1980’s, technology ____________________ (change) a great deal. The first computers ____________________ (be) simple machines designed for basic tasks. They ____________________ (have, not) much memory and they ____________________ (be, not) very powerful. Early computers were often quite expensive and customers often ____________________ (pay) thousands of dollars for machines which actually ____________________ (do) very little. Most computers____________________ (be) separate, individual machines used mostly as expensive typewriters or for playing games.


Times ____________________ (change). Computers ____________________ (become) powerful machines with very practical applications. Programmers ____________________ (create) a large selection of useful programs which do everything from teaching foreign languages to bookkeeping. We are still playing video games, but today’s games ____________________ (become) faster, more exciting interactive adventures. Many computer users ____________________ (get, also) on the Internet and ____________________ (begin) communicating with other computer users around the world. We ____________________ (start) to create international communities on-line. In short, the simple, individual machines of the past ____________________ (evolve) into an international World Wide Web of knowledge.