Final Day – 28th August

We began the day with three games of Memory using different card packs. It was a great way to revise/learn an array of English nouns.

After we continued with our grammar sheets for the last time. Looking at the students books I saw that the majority of them had really completed a good number of them.

We practised our reading presentation for the final time, and I was happy to see that the children felt confident about the reading and understood its meaning.

We ended our session with the English game of Cluedo.

In the afternoon, surrounded by their elders the children read and sang beautifully.

Day Four – 27th August

Today we started the seesion with a big game of scrabble. I was pleasently surprized by how much fun the children had. 🙂

We then began working on Friday’s presentation on children’s right. First we rehearsed the words to the song ‘We are the World’ and then we wrote down and recited a short piece about the subject.

After the break we again recited the short piece and sang the song.

We then worked on the grammar sheets and concluded the session with playing board games and reading.

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Day three – 26th August

We began today with me giving a presentation concerning Great Britainand Ireland. It used video footage to give the children insight into their contempary culture.

After the presentation the class completed jigsaw puzzles in groups and then searched them to discover the items that I called out.

We then returned to our grammar worksheets and finished the session with some table games.

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Day two – Tuesday 25th August

We started the morning with a photo presentation concerning Canada. It was given by Dario who is the camp’s Canadian English teacher.

Returning to our classroom we all played a spelling with pictures game, again the children seemed to enjoy the experience.

Work on the work sheets then began in earnest. The children really pressed onwards with their studies. When the work pace began to slacken, we  lighten the load by playing some self chosen games. Some chose to play ‘memory’ while the others chose ‘guess who’.

The children finished the session by reading one or two of the provided English children books.

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Day one – Monday 24th August

Today we met for our first English lesson. After a late start the children and I began with a game of ‘hangman’. It’s a classic English language classroom game that aways seems to envoke a postive response. After taking turns at the board we moved on to the real work. 🙂

In the class we work extensively with English grammar worksheets and to avoid a child having to go over well known grammar topics each child selects the level they wish to work at. Within the class of 6 students three different levels were selected.

After the grammer work was completed we attended a presentation concerning Austrailia given by Alexander who is the camp’s Australian English teacher.

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