Here is the latest mind map from the Teatime English Club. 🙂

Nature Mind map Jpeg.

Interactive Fiction – A UFO Landing

‘A UFO Landing’ is a piece of interactive fiction crafted by the children of my Barcola and Prebeneg groups. They did a great job, and I am very proud of the results. There may still be a few glitches to iron out, but please follow the link and let your adventure begin.

Primary School – Funny Little Easter Bunnies

We are going to be using this cartoon in my classes this week in conjunction with our Easter vocabulary exercises. I think the children will find it amusing. 🙂

Primary School – Happy Easter


Easter Mind Map JPeg.

Easter Mind Map .mm File.

Easter Worksheet.

Primary School – Animal Actions


Animal Actions JPEG.

Primary School – Animal Body Parts

Animal Body Parts JPEG.

Animal Body Parts Document with and without Labels.

Gruffalo’s Child Body Parts.

Gruffalo’s Child’s Body Parts JPEG.

Gruffalo’s Child Body Parts .doc.

Primary School – Winter Words Test

Winter Words Test JPEG.

Primary School Comparatives – The Happy Family

This is the Happy family. Mr John Happy is the father, and he is 45 years old. Mrs Margaret Happy is the mother, and she is 39 years old. Mr and Mrs Happy have two children called Daniel and Elisabeth. Daniel is 9 years old and Elisabeth is 12. The children have a dog called Rover.

  1.  John is ___________________than his wife.
  2. Margaret is ____________________ than her children.
  3.  Daniel is ______________________than his sister.
  4. John’s hair is ____________________ than Margaret’s hair.
  5. Daniel’s sister is ___________________ than him.
  6. The children are _____________________ than their parents.
  7. Margaret’s hair is ____________________ than Elisabeth’s hair.
  8. Rover runs _____________________ than everybody.

Change the words below into comparatives and see how many different ways you can correctly use them in the above exercise.

old          tall          young          fast          short          dark           long          light


Primary School – Winter Clothes