English Summer Camp Jezikajte 2011 – Final Thoughts

What a impressive week it has been. Mornings full of English lessons and afternoons filled with sport, art and drama. Over the five evenings we have played games outside, seen two outdoor shows, had one English language quiz, and watched a film. I think both teachers and children will be tired now it is over. Personally, I intend to bake myself under the sun, drown myself in the sea, and have a beer or two. 🙂

What can I say about the final performance? Well firstly, it was HOT. And secondly the kids were great. OK, perhaps they could have spoken up a bit louder, but they tried their best and it showed.

Of course, my favourite performance was The Gruffalo, but you have probably guessed that already. 😀

English Summer Camp Jezikajte 2011 – Final Day

On our final morning together the preteens and I had a short session covering the past simple tense, we studied both regular and irregular verbs in affirmative and negative sentences.

Then it was outside into the sun and shade with all the other students to practice the short plays ready for the afternoon performance. The preteens did quite well in the rehearsals, I just hope they remember to SPEAK UP this afternoon. 🙂

English Summer Camp Jezikajte 2011 – Day 5

The preteens started the day by writing another description of a Gruffalo scene. They did a great job. After they had completed it we played some Gruffalo word games and explored the present simple tense a little deeper by writing about preferences and habits.

While the preteens were working with Alexander the teenagers and I looked at the present continuous tense and worked with another pop song.  The song I chose for today was Just the way you are by Bruno Mars.

I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day!

English Summer Camp Jezikajte 2011 – Day 4

This morning the preteen group really worked hard. They begun with working with adjectives to describe objects, moved on to use the possessive have got to specify animal characteristics and they ended the session by describing a scene from the Gruffalo, using the various sentence constructions we had so far learnt.

While the preteens went of to perform with Alexander the teenagers joined me to work on the past simple tense and to improve their their listening comprehension through pop music. The song they chose today was Magic by B.o.B:

I can’t believe that we only have two more morning sessions left. Time flies when you are having fun.

English Summer Camp Jezikajte 2011 – Day 3

Today we began with using the verb ‘be’ to form descriptions and ask question about objects, people and non-human animals.  We did this through writing, speaking and game playing.

At mid-morning my preteen group of students visited Alexander to study their skit, while I was joined by Jezikajte’s teenagers to practice grammar. In order to inspire the teenagers further we also practiced listening comprehension by listening to ‘something stupid’.

I wonder what song they will choose tomorrow? 🙂

English Summer Camp Jezikajte 2011 – Day 2

This morning my preteen students met me in the classroom for the first time. I began our ‘working week’ by firstly introducing The Gruffalo to them. After the short introduction we sat down and watched the wonderful BBC animated production of the story. It really is a great tale and the children loved it. Immediately after watching it we went through some of the story’s key phrases, and I am pleased to say that the children understood a great deal.

During the rest of the morning the children studied various aspects of the present simple tense interspaced with Gruffalo themed games and activities and they also began working on a Gruffalo skit with teacher Alexander. When lunch time came they were somewhat tired, but hopefully a little wiser. 🙂

English Summer Camp Jezikajte 2011 – Day 1

English Summer Camp Jezikajte 2011 has begun. The camp started in the evening, so as soon as the children found their bedrooms and unpacked it was time for dinner. 🙂

After having eaten we all went outside and played numerous ‘icebreakers’. The children were laughing quite profusely and so I think it is safe to say that most of them enjoyed themselves.

Tomorrow is the day. :-)

Hooray, English Summer Camp Jezikajte starts tomorrow. We are going to have a Gruffalo of a time!

English Summer Camp Jezikajte 2011

August 21st sees the beginning of this year’s English Summer Camp Jezikajte 2011. Over the recent years it has been a wonderful experience for children and teachers alike. I am sure that this year’s camp will be just as successful. If you haven’t enrolled your children yet, now is the time to do it. 🙂