2013 New Year Resolutions


A New Year’s resolution is a commitment to improve yourself  in the coming year. Have you thought about your new year’s resolutions yet? It isn’t too late, here is a quick worksheet that will get you practicing your English and get you thinking.

Enjoy. 🙂

More Comparative Adjectives


Comparative Adjectives .jpg

Comparative Adjectives – Answers .jpg

Comparative Adjectives

1. Jeremy is 10 years old. Julie is 8 years old.

Jeremy is (old) _______________Julie

2. Triglav is 2,864 metres high. Snežnik is 1,796 metres high.

Triglav is (high) _______________ Snežnik..


3. An ocean is (large) _________________ a sea.

4. A Rolls Royce costs a lot of money.A Twingo costs less money.

A Rolls Royce is (expensive) _______________ a Twingo.

5. William’s exam results were okay. Fred’s results were very poor. Fred’s results were (bad) _______________ William’s.

6. This exercise is not difficult.

It’s (easy) ___________________ I expected.

7. The weather is not good today. Unfortunately, it’s raining.

I hope the weather will be (good) _______________ at the weekend.

8. People are not friendly in big cities.

They are usually (friendly) __________________ in small towns.

9. The sun is (big) ________________ the moon.

10. People say that some languages are (difficult) _______________ to learn _______________ English.

Comparative Adjectives .doc


The Oregon Trail – Past Simple


The article with past simple exercises .doc

The answers .doc

Time to get up! – Phrasal Verbs with Get.


Complete each sentence with the correct form of a phrasal verb.

  1. I don’t ____________________ with my partner’s parents. I really think they hate me.
  2. Can you please __________________ the car? We are going to be late unless we hurry.
  3. ___________________ from the edge, you might fall in!
  4. I ____________________ the train just as it was leaving.
  5. It is sometimes difficult to ___________________ a disappointing result.
  6. She _____________________ not doing her homework yesterday.
  7. Do you think I can ____________________ in London with £20 pounds a day?
  8. ____________________ there and tidy your room!
  9. What bus stop do we need to _______________________ at?
  10. Did you ____________________ the pen you lent John yesterday?
  11. I couldn’t ____________________ this morning.
  12. I really love ____________________ at the disco.

get away – get in – get over – get along – get into – get on

get by – get away with – get up – get off – get back – get down

Worksheet .doc

Answers .doc

Past Simple: Irregular Verbs and Negative Form


Worksheet jpg

Answer Sheet jpg


Cartoon Time with Present Simple ‘Be’

Fill the gaps with the correct present simple forms of the verb be.


Adverbs of Frequency – Prepositions of place, movement and time

Worksheet – jpg

Answers and Suggestions – doc

Present Simple – Positive and Questions

Worksheet – jpg

Answers and Suggestions – doc

My first days at work – Past Simple regular and irregular.

Complete the paragraphs using the past simple form of the verbs below.

make – have – not cook – work – arrive – clean – be – wash – be – not start – teach – have

I remember my first day working at the restaurant in 2009. I _________________ at 7:30, but I __________________ my shift until 8:00. I __________________ from 8:00 to 1:00 and then I _________________ my lunch break. My new colleagues __________________ me a lot even on my first day. It _________________ a great start to my career.

However, the head chef ________________horrible to me on the second. He __________________ me work very hard. I _________________ plates, _________________ the floors, and I _________________ anything. I _________________ a terrible day.

My first days at work – Worksheet.

My first days at work – Worksheet Answers.