Hooray, ‘Conversational 2013’ has started

First Conversation of 2013

English Village Conversation Clubs

I haven’t posted about any of my adult groups for so long, but I am glad to say that they are still very much active. 🙂

The intimate conversation clubs in Barcola, Prebeneg and in Trieste city centre are going beautifully, our recent conversation topics include James Bond, hurricane Sandy, house chores, newly coined words, the Euro crisis, and even adult only airplanes.

With the festive season upon us, you can imagine what the next topics will be about.:-)

Tea and Texting

On Saturday morning a delightful teenager and I were sitting in a café, laughing out loud, while keeping our  heads firmly buried in our smart phones.  The other customers may not have been very impressed, but unbeknownst to them we were in a middle of an English conversation.

With the aid of WhatsApp we had turned our phones into ‘mobile learning devices’, and it was great fun. 🙂

My name is Bond, James Bond

This week’s adult conversation groups revolved around a wisecracking, gun-toting, Martini-drinking, rule-breaking, brash brainy Brit, named James Bond.

We started by reading an adjective loaded text about the master spy, and then, after checking our understanding, we delved into discussion about both James Bond and our personal cinematic preferences.

It was a week of really good conversation, the only was Martini, shaken not stirred. 🙂

New York, New York.

With the Obama and Romney battle on my mind, the topic for this week’s Barcola Conversation Club was the U.S.A.  We started with ‘The Oregon Trail’ reading, checked for understanding and went straight into a U.S.A. themed discussion. There were quite a few of us who had already travelled to the States, therefore the conversations were nicely detailed.

After a time the conversation topic was changed to city living. Again people had much to say as they debated about where the best place to live was. Some were ‘country bumpkins’ and preferred life in a small village, while others were true ‘urbanities’ and loved the idea of living in a metropolis.

Which type are you? 🙂

Food Glorious Food: A Second Helping.


Vegetables .doc


Food Mind Map .jpg

Barcola Conversation Club: Food Glorious Food

Hooray, our adult groups have begun, and the first topic for the Barcola conversation club to digest was ‘Food’. 🙂

We commenced with me giving a quick presentation of the subject, and here is the completely unedited start of my intro:

And then, thankfully, things got a lot better. We formed groups and begun chatting with the aid of our first prompt sheet. The conversations started out in a halting fashion, but soon began to flow.  At around the middle of our session we changed groups and continued the conversations with our second prompt sheet.

During the entire session I milled around the tables, jumping in and out of conversations, answering questions thrown at me, and generally behaving like a half mad language tutor.

Well done everybody, and be rest assured that our club will rise to even greater heights. 🙂


Every Tuesday at Via Bonofata 6, Barcola, Trieste
Teatime with Michael – Elementary English. 4:30 – 6:00
Language in use – English Conversation Club. 6:00 – 7:00

Contact Michael or just come along.
Courses start on 18th September, 2012.

🙂 Spread the word. 🙂

A Super Conversation

Today a young man and I had a super conversation about superheroes. We began with Spider-man.


Continued with the Avengers.


And we finished off with Turi, his very own superhero creation.


Today, in further preparation for her summer holidays, a student and I conversed about sightseeing. 🙂
Sightseeing jpg