Quarterstaff at English Summer Camp Pliskovica 2011

Here’s a video clip of us learning a quarterstaff drill at English Summer Camp Pliskovica 2011.

And another photo. 🙂

English Summer Camp Pliskovica 2011 – Photos

Here is a slack-lining photo from the wonderful English Summer Camp Pliskovica.

Other photos of the summer camp can be found here. 🙂

English Summer Camp Pliskovica – Final Presentation

The guys were great, the Gruffalo presentation was lively and the song was inspiring. I really enjoyed the way that students who were not in the group joined in with the singing too.  Well done to everybody, you should be proud of yourselves.

English Summer Camp Pliskovica – Days Five and Six

Day five was filled with the future. 🙂 The students learnt and practiced the future intentional be going to. Some of them had already learnt it at school, but most had not. Final presentation plans were confirmed and the class was split into two groups, with half concentrating on a Gruffalo presentation and half on singing a song.  Practice began in earnest.

Day six was perhaps the hottest we had had. The kids were tired, but determined to give a good performance, so we began the class with some presentation practice. I then dragged them through some final grammar work and pushed them into some English conversation. We spoke about their favourite things, their hobbies and school lives, but they become most active when they spoke about which school teacher they liked the least!  We also spoke about how I could make my lessons better in next year’s camp. This was great feedback. 🙂

English Summer Camp Pliskovica – Days Three and Four

Internet connection problems at the camp have meant that I am a little late with posting this report. Over these last two days we have steamed ahead with work on the present continuous and past simple. The youngsters are great, but I know they are a little fed up with me giving them so much work. 🙂

We have broken up the work with games of ‘grammar charade’ , i.e.’What am I doing?’ and ‘What did I do yesterday?’.

The students have also started planing for their class presentation.

English Summer Camp Pliskovica – Day Two

What a great morning. After a small technical scare, which was quickly calmed, it all went like poetry. 🙂

Firstly, we watched The Gruffalo in its entirety, the kids loved it and understood so much that it surprised me. We broke for a snack and then, we described and asked each other questions about its characters.

We finished up the session with some more Graffalo inspired description guessing games.

A very successful lesson. 😀

English Summer Camp Pliskovica – Day one

Well the boys are up in their beds, not sleeping of course, and I am free to report what happened on our first day.

Today in our shortened language lab we firstly focused on the use of this and that, through written exercises and simple conversation. Then we worked with our primary descriptions of some of the characters found in The Gruffalo. Finally, we finished off with the classic game of Hangman using animals as our inspiration.

I promised them that we could work with the animated film tomorrow, let’s see how they will like it.

English Summer Camp Pliskovica

Hooray, the Pliskovica summer camp starts today. I will keep you all updated with the English language Gruffalo fun. I just hope the weather will be nice!