My Robotic Mission, by Jan, aged 12.

My robot’s name is Armageddon. In this mission he needs to go into the enemy’s base. He needs to take photos and videos, find the enemy’s weak points, and discover how to destroy him.

Armageddon has a missile, an ultrasonic sound ray, two front lasers, and very potent propellers to push away the enemy.

 Armageddon can fly, he can travel off-road, but he can’t go underwater.

He communicates with his base via a satellite connection and he can connect with any computer he finds on the enemy’s base.

Tea and Texting

On Saturday morning a delightful teenager and I were sitting in a café, laughing out loud, while keeping our  heads firmly buried in our smart phones.  The other customers may not have been very impressed, but unbeknownst to them we were in a middle of an English conversation.

With the aid of WhatsApp we had turned our phones into ‘mobile learning devices’, and it was great fun. 🙂

Wii-ing in the Classroom

Earlier this week I experimented with using a Nintendo Wii in one of my English language classes.  I had been thinking about it for a while and, after quietly gathering a few bits and pieces, surprised my young students with it for our final pre-summer lesson.

It was a great success, I connected the console to the classroom’s overhead projector and projected it onto the room’s large Multimedia board.  It was a great sight. 🙂

For this first experimental lesson I chose to use ‘My first Songs‘ which is a nursery rhyme karaoke game.  The children found it quite a challenge, but it was one that they certainly enjoyed.

I am really  looking forward to incorporating the console further into my future programmes.

Story Cube Adventure – A footprint in the sand

A boy saw a footprint in the sand. The weather was sunny, but he noticed a star falling in the sky. He thought that this was strange.

At first he didn’t know where to go or what to do, but eventually he decided to go to sleep on the beach. He woke up in the evening and he saw a rainbow in the sky. He thought that this was strange.

 He decided to stay longer, and so he erected a tent on the beach.

He met his girlfriend and they walked together along the sand. While they were walking they saw a ghost. They thought that this was strange.

It left its footprint in the sand.

Created by Caterina.

Story Cube Adventure – The wanderings of a young boy.

Once upon a time there was a man building a castle. While he was building, his son threw a ball and instantly both a ghost and a comet appeared.

The ball disappeared over the top of the castle, so the boy, laughing madly, climbed a nearby ladder and left his father working alone.  At the bottom of the cliff, on which the castle was being built, he found a box. He started carrying the box away, when he stumbled. (more…)

Rory’s Story Cubes

I am always looking for new toys, so during my last hop to London I picked up a couple of boxes of ‘Rory’s Story Cubes’.

I thought that they could be fun to play with in my more advanced classes, and I was so right. 🙂 Last week The No. 1 Ladies’ discussion group became the first group to use them and it was an astounding success. We had so much fun.