Easy Guitar and Summertime English – Day 4

Today our English lessons were made a little shorter as the children had to prepare for tomorrow’s show.  It really was a treat to hear them sing and play their guitars. It will be a great performance.

So, today we only really concentrated on one topic, the human body. With pencils and coloured pens we completed a simple worksheet, and then I quizzed them about what terms they remembered. I really would have liked more time to work and play with them, but that’s show business! 🙂

Body Basics

Here are a few documents to download concerning basic body nouns.

Body Basics – Concerning basic body parts.

Facing Facts – Concerning parts of the face.

Hands of Destiny – Concerning parts of the hands.

These worksheets have been created using the ‘open office’. If you have any trouble opening them, please tell me.