Present Continuous in the Kitchen

1. John ______________________ (serve) the tables at the moment.

2. What _____________ you ______________ (cook)? It smells wonderful.

3. __________ Zara _______________ (work) the afternoon shift tomorrow?

4. The bar __________________ (not /close) yet. You can order another drink?

5. Why ____________ they __________________ (not / talk) to each other?

6. We ____________________ (share) this dish. So, can we have another plate, please?

7. I ____________________ (not / eat) that. You can take it away.

8. Chris and Helen ____________________ (spend) a week working together.

9. I ____________________ (learn) a lot of new things his year.

10. What __________ you _______________ (do) later?

Present Continuous Worksheet.

Present Continuous Worksheet Answers.

The Passive Voice 1

1. Julia rescued all three cats.


2. They handed in the reports to the teacher.


3. Somebody crashed into my new car.


4. The whole class learnt the poem word for word.


5. Somebody has left a workbook on the table.


6. The mechanic has not repaired the DVD recorder.


7. They cannot play ball games here.


8. She always leaves her rucksack on the floor.


9. The girls had finally beaten the boys.



Past Tenses 1

Past Simple or Past Continuous?

Complete the conversations with the Past Simple or the Past Continuous form of the verbs in brackets.


1. A Sorry I ____________________ (not meet) you at the railway station – I ____________________ (wait) at the bus station.

B That’s OK. I ____________________ (wait) for fifteen minutes then I____________________ (take) a taxi.


2. After I ____________________ (find) the wallet full of money, I ____________________ (go, immediately)to the police and (hand) ____________________ it in.


3. A She ____________________ (not seem) very happy this morning.

B She ____________________ (not be)! Someone ____________________ (phone) while she ____________________ (sleep).


4. The doctor ____________________ (said) that Tom ____________________ (be)too sick to go to work and that he ____________________ (need) to stay at home for a couple of days.


5. A ____________________ you ____________________ (watch) the football last night?

B Yes, I ____________________ (see) it while I ____________________(do) the ironing.


6. A What ____________________ (you, do) when the accident occurred?

B I ____________________ (try) to change a light bulb that had burnt out.


7. A ____________________ you____________________ (look) for me earlier?

B Yes, I ____________________ (want) to ask you something.


8. Sandy is in the living room watching television. At this time yesterday, she ____________________ (watch) television too. That’s all she ever does!


9. A I ____________________ (start) skiing while I_____________________ (live) in Austria last year.

B I____________________ (not know) you’d lived there.


10. When I ____________________ (walk) into the busy office, the secretary ____________________ (talk) on the phone with a customer, several clerks ____________________ (work, busily) at their desks, and two managers ____________________ (discuss) methods to improve customer service.


Past Simple or Past Perfect?

 Complete the sentences with the Past Simple or the Past Perfect forms of the verbs in brackets.


1. He ____________________ (buy) her a ring after he ____________________ (know) her for a week.


2. I ____________________ (not ring) him because I ____________________ (forgot) to take his number with me.


3. He ____________________ (arrived) too late. The concert ____________________ (already finish).


4. When I ____________________ (get) home, I ____________________ (remember) that I ____________________ (leave) the baby in the shop.


5. He ____________________ (not know) how the cat____________________(walk) 100 kilometres to its old home.


6. She only ____________________ (hear) about the interview three months after she ____________________ (apply) for the job.


7. When he first ____________________ (go) to Moscow he ____________________ (never travel) abroad before.


8. They ____________________ (not enjoy) the film because they ____________________ (see) it before.


9. That’s a surprise! I ____________________ (not know) you two ____________________ (already / meet).


10. They ____________________ (be) married for five years when they __________________ (have) their first child.