Food Glorious Food: A Second Helping.


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My first days at work – Past Simple regular and irregular.

Complete the paragraphs using the past simple form of the verbs below.

make – have – not cook – work – arrive – clean – be – wash – be – not start – teach – have

I remember my first day working at the restaurant in 2009. I _________________ at 7:30, but I __________________ my shift until 8:00. I __________________ from 8:00 to 1:00 and then I _________________ my lunch break. My new colleagues __________________ me a lot even on my first day. It _________________ a great start to my career.

However, the head chef ________________horrible to me on the second. He __________________ me work very hard. I _________________ plates, _________________ the floors, and I _________________ anything. I _________________ a terrible day.

My first days at work – Worksheet.

My first days at work – Worksheet Answers.

English for Catering: Present Simple or Present Continuous

1. __________ you _____________ (like) pizza?

Yes, I __________.

2. What _____________ you ______________ (do) now?

I __________ (make) a cake.

3. Look! He ____________________ (wear) a very cool t-shirt.

4. __________ Zara usually _______________ (drive) to work?

No, she usually ____________________ (walk).

5. The bar always __________________ (close) at midnight.

6. This food is terrible! I ____________ (not/ enjoy) it.

7. _________ Luca _________________ (cook) tonight?

Yes, he __________ . He is such a good chef.

8. What __________ you normally _______________ (do) on Sundays?

9. I often ____________________ (get up) late and _______________ (eat) a big breakfast.

Present Simple or Present Continuous Worksheet.

Present Simple or Present Continuous Answers.

Present Continuous in the Kitchen

1. John ______________________ (serve) the tables at the moment.

2. What _____________ you ______________ (cook)? It smells wonderful.

3. __________ Zara _______________ (work) the afternoon shift tomorrow?

4. The bar __________________ (not /close) yet. You can order another drink?

5. Why ____________ they __________________ (not / talk) to each other?

6. We ____________________ (share) this dish. So, can we have another plate, please?

7. I ____________________ (not / eat) that. You can take it away.

8. Chris and Helen ____________________ (spend) a week working together.

9. I ____________________ (learn) a lot of new things his year.

10. What __________ you _______________ (do) later?

Present Continuous Worksheet.

Present Continuous Worksheet Answers.

Catering English: Animals and Meat


Farm Livestock Mind Map JPEG.

Farm Livestock Mind Map .mm File.

Farm Livestock Worksheet.



English for Catering – Tableware

Mind Map JPEG.

Mind Map .mm File.

Tableware Vocabulary Worksheet.

Bar Vocabulary

Complete the sentences with the words given below.

get    glasses    part    tap    orders    sure    parts    potent    creation    serve

1. Try this drink. It’s my own ____________________.

2. What kind of beer do you have on ____________________?

4. I’m not really____________________ how to make that drink.

5. When the bartender says “Last ____________________!”, it means that it’s the last chance for customers to order drinks before the bar closes.

6. I’m warning you. This drink is really ____________________!

7. It’s two ____________________ orange juice and one____________________vodka.

8. I’m sorry but I can’t ____________________ you because you’re drunk.

9. I’ve broken five ____________________ today.

10. What can I ____________________ you? What would you like?