Questions and Answers

Match the questions a- j with the responses 1-10.

(a) Whose is this coat?

(b) How many cats have you got?

(c) How much did your bike cost?

(d) Could you help me, please?

(e) Would you like some more to eat?

(f) Do you like carrot cake?

(g) Where are you going on holiday?

(h) Why are you going to the chemist’s

(i) Where were you last night?

(j) Who’s the new cook?


(1) Yes, of course. What can I do for you?

(2) Yes, I think it’s very nice.

(3) To buy some toothpaste.

(4) To Turkey.

(5) I stayed at home.

(6) Three.

(7) It’s mine.

(8) £100.

(9) Her name’s Julie.

(10) No, thanks, I’m full.


Question Words

Complete the sentences with what, who, which, whose or how.

1. _______________ long is the journey to the airport? I hope it doesn’t take too much time.

2. _______________ coat is that over there? I think it belongs to John.

3. _______________ have you eaten today?

4. _______________ way is it to the nearest bank, please?

5. _______________ are you feeling today? I know that you weren’t so well yesterday.

6. _______________ do you feel like doing tonight? Do you want to watch a film?

7. _______________ was at the party last night?

8. _______________ many people work in your office?

9. _______________ should I buy? I like the blue dress, but the red one is nice too.

10. _______________ is Trieste like? Is it a nice place to live?

11. _______________ do you prefer, your old boss or your new one?

12. _______________ size shoes do you usually take? Personally, I take a size 43.

13. _______________ kind of music does she prefer?

14. _______________ much does that laptop cost, please?

15. _______________ do you look like? People say that I look like my father.