At The Beach

There is rainy weather outside my window this afternoon, but this morning an exceptional English learning teenager and I created the following sunny mind map.

This is also a preview of one of the methods I will be using at  Jezikajte 2012. 🙂

‘The Beach’ mind map jpg

English Language Summer Camp – Final Words

The Jezikajte English Language Summer Camp 2010 is over, and I’m exhausted!

It was a great camp, the best I’ve ever done. The children were brilliant, they got lots of work done and I hope they had some fun too.

Next year’s camp will be even better, I have already chosen the English Skills Programme and the book we will use in our book project.

For those parents and children who want an on-line version of this year’s book ‘Where the wild things are’ here it is:

And here is a little music from the film:

See you next year. 😀

English Language Summer Camp – Day Five

Today was our final morning of study, and we packed it full.

In our  ‘English Skills’ we concentrated on adjectives, jobs  and rhymes with the aid of dictionaries. We then looked at the verb to be in the present simple and past simple tenses, and finally we finished with simple sentence constructions.

In our book project we went on a ‘Wild Rumpus Bingo Hunt’  competing with each other to find specified things in the camp’s grounds.

English Language Summer Camp – Day Four

Today was a busy day for my English Class.

We pushed on in ‘English Skills’ with vocabulary and dictionary work, rhyming words and noun groupings, as well as looking at the present continuous tense.

Our book project was divided into two sessions: one in the morning and one late in the evening. During the morning we looked at adverbs of frequency and  other expressions of time related to the book, while during the evening we watched the recently released film version of the book.

We watched the film without subtitles, as unfortunately they seemed not to be working, so I really recommend you watch it with your children again in Italian!

English Language Summer Camp – Day Three

I began the class with the realisation that some of the children’s work folders were in complete disarray (especially the boys), so we spent a little time organizing them. From there we went on to ‘English Skills’. 🙂

To begin with we used our dictionaries in some vocabulary building and spelling exercises – looking at words with similar spellings and/or pronounciations. We then moved on to activity verbs, professions and finally some present/past simple sentence completing exercises.

In our project time we looked at how to use some of the nouns, verbs and adjectives we found in the book and then we completed a simple crossword relating to the story.

English Language Summer Camp – Day Two

Today in ‘English Skills’ we began by further expanding our vocabulary. The words we used were varied, but common. I noted that some children were able to use their dictionaries far better than others, so I included a fair bit of ‘dictionary work’. We then continued with some work with the present simple tense.

We moved on to our week’s book project. We reread the text in English, answered  some reading comprehension questions, completed a story sequencing exercise and concluded with a word search.

English Language Summer Camp – Day One

Well, it all got off to a good start. 🙂

We began the day with ‘English Skills’ and worked on increasing vocabulary, then we moved on to working with  the constructions there is and there are. Finally we studied some other present simple sentence constructions.

After this section of the morning was over we started on this week’s ‘ Book Project’ . The chosen book is ‘Where the wild things are’, which is a wonderful children’s  tale about an angry boy who imagines he visits an island full of monsters.

This book is a children’s classic. It is very short, quite poetical and written in the past simple tense.

On this first morning we read it in English and then we  matched the English pages to their Italian translations.

Preparing for Summer Camp Jezikatje 2010

Just nine days to go before Jezikatje 2010. I have my class list, my enthusiasm and my materials are coming together.

This English Language Camp will be the best one yet, I just hope the weather is with us!