Felix Baumgartner – Clothing and Body Parts Worksheet

“Sometimes you have to get up really high to understand how small you are:”

I have created a quick body and clothing worksheet for some of my young classes. I hope somebody else out there will find it useful.

Felix Baumgartner clothing and body parts .doc

Interactive Fiction – A UFO Landing

‘A UFO Landing’ is a piece of interactive fiction crafted by the children of my Barcola and Prebeneg groups. They did a great job, and I am very proud of the results. There may still be a few glitches to iron out, but please follow the link and let your adventure begin.

Primary School – Funny Little Easter Bunnies

We are going to be using this cartoon in my classes this week in conjunction with our Easter vocabulary exercises. I think the children will find it amusing. 🙂

Primary School – Happy Easter


Easter Mind Map JPeg.

Easter Mind Map .mm File.

Easter Worksheet.

Primary School – Animal Actions


Animal Actions JPEG.

Primary School – Animal Body Parts

Animal Body Parts JPEG.

Animal Body Parts Document with and without Labels.

Gruffalo’s Child Body Parts.

Gruffalo’s Child’s Body Parts JPEG.

Gruffalo’s Child Body Parts .doc.

Primary School – Winter Words Test

Winter Words Test JPEG.

Primary School – Winter Clothes

Primary School – Weather Mind Map 2.0.