Cushions and Pillows

A cushion for the sofa,

A pillow for the bed,

A cushion for your back,

And a pillow for your head.

Parts of Speech – A Poem

Every name is called a NOUN,

As field and fountainstreet and town;

In place of noun the PRONOUN stands,

As he and she can clap their hands;

The ADJECTIVE describes a thing,

As magic wand and bridal ring;

The VERB means action, something done –

To readto writeto jumpto run;

How things are done, the ADVERBS tell,

As quicklyslowlybadlywell;

The PREPOSITION shows relation,

As in the street, or at the station;

CONJUNCTIONS join in many ways,

Sentences, words or phrase and phrase;

The INJECTION cries out, ‘Hark!

I need an exclamation mark!’

Through poetry, we learn how each

Of these make up THE PARTS OF SPEECH.

Advice and Advise – Commonly Confused Noun/Verb Pairs

In the British spelling of these commonly confused pairs the noun has a c and the verb an s.

Noun                                  Verb

advice                                  advise

practice                                practise

device                                  devise

prophecy                           prophesy

licence                                 license

Also note that the pronunciation is a little different too.

🙂Useful mnemonic🙂

I would advise you not to give advice.