Present Perfect Catering

1. A: Do you like the Sushi?

B: I don’t know. I _____________________________ (not / eat) it.

2. My best friend and I _____________________________ (know) each other for over five years. We still get together once a week.

3. Stefan is a fantastic chef. He _____________________________ (work) here for ten years.

4. The bar _____________________________ (not / be) this busy in ages.

5. _______________ you ever ___________ (worked) in an elegant restaurant?

Yes, I _____________________ (work) in two or three.

6. How sad! George is twenty and he _____________________________ (not / drink) a glass of beer.

7. Anna, I can’t believe how much pasta you _____________________________ (make)! We will never eat all that!

8. How many dishes __________________ Daniel _______________ (prepare) for that table?

I think he ____________________ (grill) two steaks and ______________ (make) four sandwiches.

Present Perfect Catering Worksheet.

Present Perfect Catering Answers.

Present Perfect Continuous – Negative

Write negative sentences in the present perfect continuous tense

1. we / not / in the mountains / walk

2. Beatrice / not / in Boston / teach

3. Ricky / not / the car / wash

4. she / not / a poem / write

5. we / not / tea / drink

6. we / not / our rooms / clean

7. the children / not / on the floor / sleep

8. Jeff and Linda / not / cycle

9. Christine / not / her home / decorate

10. the cat / not / on the chair / lie / all day


Present Perfect Continuous – Positive.

Write positive sentences in the present perfect continuous tense.

1. Albert / squash / play

2. Hannah / the match / watch

3. we / in the park / wait

4. you / a song / sing

5. I / a magazine / read

6. it / rain / all day

7. Phil and Greg / a race / run

8. she / her teeth / brush

9. the Millers / in London / live / for three years

10. we / on the lake / sail.


Present Perfect Continuous or Present Continuous

1. It _____________________ (rain) all week. I hope it stops by Saturday because I want to go to the beach.

2. Sid: Where is Gary?
Sarah: He_____________________ (study) at the library for his English test on Wednesday. In fact, he _____________________ (revise) for the test every day for the last week.

3. You look really great! _____________________ you _____________________ (exercise) a lot recently?

4. Frank, where have you been? We _____________________ (wait) for you since 1 PM.

5. Tim: What is that sound?
Nancy: A car alarm _____________________ (ring) somewhere down the street. It _____________________ (drive) me crazy – I wish it would stop! It _____________________ (ring)  for more than twenty minutes.

6. Joseph’s English _____________________ (improve, really), isn’t it? He _____________________ (watch) English speaking television programs and _____________________ (study) grammar every day since he first began his English lessons. Soon he will be totally fluent.

7. Dan: You look a little tired. _____________________ you _____________________ (get) enough sleep lately?
Michelle: Yes, I _____________________ (sleep) relatively well. I just look tired because I _____________________ (feel) a little sick for the last week.
Dan: I hope you feel better soon.
Michelle: Thanks. I _____________________ (take, currently) some medicine, so I should feel better in a couple of days.


Present Perfect – Past Simple 2 – Computers

Since computers were first introduced to the public in the early 1980’s, technology ____________________ (change) a great deal. The first computers ____________________ (be) simple machines designed for basic tasks. They ____________________ (have, not) much memory and they ____________________ (be, not) very powerful. Early computers were often quite expensive and customers often ____________________ (pay) thousands of dollars for machines which actually ____________________ (do) very little. Most computers____________________ (be) separate, individual machines used mostly as expensive typewriters or for playing games.


Times ____________________ (change). Computers ____________________ (become) powerful machines with very practical applications. Programmers ____________________ (create) a large selection of useful programs which do everything from teaching foreign languages to bookkeeping. We are still playing video games, but today’s games ____________________ (become) faster, more exciting interactive adventures. Many computer users ____________________ (get, also) on the Internet and ____________________ (begin) communicating with other computer users around the world. We ____________________ (start) to create international communities on-line. In short, the simple, individual machines of the past ____________________ (evolve) into an international World Wide Web of knowledge.


Present Perfect – Past Simple 1

1. A: Do you like the film “Star Wars?”

B: I don’t know. I _____________________________ (see, never) it.


2. Sam _____________________________ (arrive) in Manchester a week ago.


3. My best friend and I _____________________________ (know) each other for over fifteen years. We still get together once a week.


4. Stinson is a fantastic writer. He _____________________________ (write) ten very creative short stories in the last year. One day, he’ll be as famous as Hemingway.


5. I _____________________________ (have, not) this much fun since I _____________________________ (be) a kid.


6. Things _____________________________ (change) a great deal at Coltech. When we first _____________________________ (start) working here three years ago, the company _____________________________ (have, only) six employees. Since then, we _____________________________ (expand) to include more than 2000 full-time workers.


7. I _____________________________ (tell) him to stay on the path while he was hiking, but he _____________________________ (wander) off into the forest and _____________________________ (be) bitten by a snake.


8. Listen Donna, I don’t care if you _____________________________ (miss) the bus this morning. You _____________________________ (be) late to work too many times. You are fired!


9. Sam is from Colorado, which is hundreds of miles from the coast, so he _____________________________ (see, never) the ocean. He should come with us to Miami.


10. How sad! George _____________________________ (dream) of going to California but he died. He _____________________________ (see, never) the ocean.


11. In the last hundred years, travelling _____________________________ (become) much easier and very comfortable. In the 19th century, it _____________________________ (take) two or three months to cross North America by covered wagon. The trip _____________________________ (be) very rough and often dangerous. Things _____________________________ (change) a great deal in the last hundred and fifty years. Now you can fly from New York to Los Angeles in a matter of hours.


12. Susan, I can’t believe how much you _____________________________ (change) since the last time I _____________________________ (see) you. You _____________________________ (grow) at least a foot!


13. This tree _____________________________ (be) planted on the birth of my grandmother over 150 years hundred years ago.




Present Perfect Passive 1

Write passive sentences in the present perfect tense.

1. the postcard / send

2. the pencils / count

3. that shop / close / for weeks

4. your beds / make / not

5. that important email / write?

6. The new trees / plant / in the garden

7. all the money / spend?

8. the room / book / not

9. the rent / pay / not

10. the guests / invite?

Complete the sentences in the active or passive voice.

1. Her car ___________________ (steal).

2. I _____________________ (bake) a cake.

3. My friends ___________________(buy) a house.

4. The keys ____________________ (put / not) in my bag.

5. Some more trees ____________________ (plant) along the street.

6. The boy ______________________ (fall / not) off his bike.

7. ______________________you ever ________________________ (bite) by a snake?

8. He _______________________ (step) on my toe.

9. We ____________________ (walk) home every day this week.

10. ____________________she ____________________(give) a lift by a friend?