Reported Speech 1

1. ‘You can’t park here.’

The police office told Jack..


2. ‘I’ll see you in the morning, Helen.’

Peter told Helen..


3. ‘I’m taking the 5.30 train tomorrow evening.’

Janet said..


4. ‘The trousers have to be ready this afternoon.’

Paul told the dry cleaners..


5. ‘I left my umbrella here two days ago.’

Susan told them..


6. ‘What time does the film start, Peter?’

I asked Peter..


7. ‘Do you watch television every evening, Chris?’

The interviewer asked..


8. ‘Why did you apply for this job?’ asked the sales manager.

The sales manager asked me..


9. ‘Are you taking a lot of money with you to London?’

My bank manager wanted to know..


10. ‘Are you enjoying your flight?’

The flight attendant asked me..


11. ‘Have you ever been to New York, Paul?’

Sue asked Paul..