Today, in further preparation for her summer holidays, a student and I conversed about sightseeing. 🙂
Sightseeing jpg

Decorate a Summertime Mind Map

This afternoon I was back at Pipolo’s ice cream bar for some conversation. Today, we naturally spoke about the summer and how we enjoyed it.  Here is a quick mind map of our conversation for you to decorate. 🙂

Mind map jpg


Today we had a conversation about hotels. 🙂


Today a teenage student and I were talking about her planned trip to the USA.  She is longing to see the metropolises that have filled the star studded screens. 🙂

Countries and Nationalities

Here is the latest map from our Teatime English club.

Here is the JPEG.

Here is the .mm File.

Travel and Tourism – General Vocabulary 5


Travel and Tourism Mind Map JPEG.

Travel and Tourism Mind Map .mm File.

Travel and Tourism Worksheet.

Travel and Tourism – Cities

Cities Mind Map JPEG.

Cities Mind Map .mm File.

Cities Worksheet.

Travel and Tourism – Museums


Museums Mind Map JPEG.

Museums Mind Map .mm File.

Museums Mind Map Worksheet.

Travel and Tourism – Hotels

Hotel Mind Map JPEG.

Hotel Mind Map .mm File.

Hotel Vocabulary Worksheet.

Travel and Tourism – Parks

Parks Mind Map JPEG.

Parks Mind Map .mm File.

Parks Worksheet.