Finžgar Update March – April 2010

During this period the kids have done so much and the majority of them are motivated to such an extent that they truly inspire me.

In the 5th class we have continued the study of can and moved on to studying the use of have to and the present continuous.

In the 4th class we have studied singular and plural nouns (a big job) and we have revised pronouns (which they told me was too easy for them).

In the 2nd and 3rd class we have made and read several spring themed mini-books as well as numerous worksheets connected with them. We have also added a computer learning element to our lessons. I’m really happy to say that the focus of this class has improved. Well done to all those parents who are supporting the cause.

Finžgar 12th March 2010

Today was a great day. 🙂

  • The 5th class continued studying can.
  • The 4th class continued with this and that.
  • The 2nd and 3rd class played weather bingo, read about Polar Bears and played an English language game on their computers.

Finžgar 5th March 2010

Surprise, Surprise I have fallen behind again. 🙂

Over the last two weeks I have been pushing all three Finžgar classes to organise their folders. In fact for some children I had to push them to actually get one. The results have been varied, you can check the state of your child’s folder for yourselves.

  • The 5th class have been pushing steadily onwards with the study of present simple.
  • The 4th class have now finished their initial course and are now eagerly beginning the more intensive Harry Potter themed one.
  • The  3rd and 2nd class is having problems with focusing on their tasks, but they are still motivated to continue with their ‘mini-book’ course.

Finžgar’s 16th session

What a good week it was. 🙂

  • In the 5th class we finished our short winter unit and watched 10 minutes of the third Harry Potter film.
  • In the 4th class we completed a worksheet about the weather, a worksheet about the days of the week and months of the year and we continued with our winter unit.
  • In the 2nd and 3rd class we continued with our winter unit by playing a winter clothes game, with real clothes, and by making a winter clothes mini-book. And I’m pleased to say that they were quite well behaved. 🙂

Finžgar’s 14th and 15th sessions

Again I’m behind with my updates. It’s quite a regular occurrence!

  • In the fifth class we have been focusing on present simple’s third person singular, this is something they have done at school already and we are simply ingraining it a little deeper into their minds. We have also begun a short winter unit, finished reading our second magazine, and finally finished watching our first English film. 🙂
  • In the forth class we have have finished the  sports unit and began the winter one. We too have finished reading our second magazine. The forth class has almost finished their current activity book and they are eager to begin the Harry Potter units.
  • The third and second class have been learning about fruit and winter they have been making and reading ‘mini-books’ with enthusiasm. I have, however, had to take to them about their behaviour, at times the class feels like a ‘chimpanzee’s tea party’. I really need to find ways to channel their Friday afternoon energy!

Finžgar’s 12th and 13th sessions

These last two weeks has seen a new development for our English sessions….The English Village Book Club. 🙂 And although it has only just begun I feel it will play an important part, or the clubs future structure. The 2nd and 3rd class are concentrating on the making and reading of ‘mini-books’, while the 4th and 5th classes are individually choosing and reading books from our, currently small, ‘English Bookshelf’.

Finžgar’s 11th session

This week was a very productive one for the 4th and 5th classes and a busy one for the 2nd and 3rd.

  • In the 5th class we started the unit entitled Present Simple. We have actually been learning the present simple tense since we started, but this unit will expand on it greatly. At the end of the class we watched 10 minutes of Harry Potter.
  • In the 4th class we finished the bedroom unit by writing sentences about our belongings and began another unit called My house.
  • The 2nd and 3rd class was a busy one. We learnt about the weather and drew some related pictures. We ended the class with a conversation circle.

Finžgar’s 9th and 10th session

Over the last two weeks the 5th and 4th classes have concentrated on reading and completing the exercises of the first edition of our Kids’ News magazine. They have loved it and are eagerly awaiting to begin the December-March edition. We completed a unit dedicated to Autumn.

Over the past two weeks we have only had one lesson for the 2nd and 3rd class. In it we finished off the Autumn unit which we had already started.

Finžgar’s 8th session

What a week!

  • In the 5th class we finished the ‘Have got’ unit, by asking each other questions, following drawing instructions, and describing picture differences. We finished by watching 10 minutes of Harry Potter.
  • In the 4th class we continued the ‘My bedroom’ unit, concentrating on the construction of ‘there is’. We ended with the class favourite of Hangman.
  • And in the 2nd and 3rd class, which was very ‘lively’ this week, we finished the ‘Family’ unit and began ‘Autumn’. At the end of the class we formed a circle and asked each other questions.

Finžgar’s 7th session

Sorry for missing last week’s update.  This week something great happened the 4th and 5th classes finally received their ‘Kid’s News’ magazine. 🙂

  • In the 5th class we continued with have got construction which we began last week. We used it in the positive to describe some pictures and more importantly a Dragon! We excitedly opened up our first edition of Kid’s News and read, listened to and completed the first two pages.
  • In the 4th class we began with our next unit ‘My Bedroom’ , having finished the ‘shopping’ unit last week. Then, just as the 5th class, we completed the first two pages of our magazine.We ended the lesson with a game of Hangman.
  • In the 2nd and 3rd class we finished our ‘feelings’ unit (which ended our Tweenies theme) and went on to begin a unit entitled ‘family’. We traced words and matched them to pictures and we completed a family word search. We ended the class by playing hangman, singing a couple of songs, and playing a pupil led game of simon says.