Maybe It’s Because I’m a Londoner

Here is one of London’s most famous ditties.  It is dedicated to one of my Opčina classes, who recently sang it to me as a surprise. Well done, kids. 🙂

Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner
That I love London so
Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner
That I think of her wherever I go

I get a funny feeling inside of me
When walking up and down
Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner
That I love London Town

The Avengers

My love of superheroes and the advent of a new movie has led me to patch together a quick one lesson unit.  🙂 I will be using the ‘Can worksheets‘ from the amazing Mes-English site, plus a quickly created worksheet entitled,  ‘What can The Avengers do?’.

Coloured worksheet.

Black and White worksheet.

Hope this is useful to someone out there in teacherland.

Primary School – Funny Little Easter Bunnies

We are going to be using this cartoon in my classes this week in conjunction with our Easter vocabulary exercises. I think the children will find it amusing. 🙂

Primary School – Happy Easter


Easter Mind Map JPeg.

Easter Mind Map .mm File.

Easter Worksheet.

Primary School – My Bedroom is only a little messy

My Messy Bedroom JPEG.

Primary School – British Coins


British Coins Mind Map JPEG.

British Coins Mind Map .mm File.

British Coins Worksheet.

Primary School – My Bedroom

My Bedroom Mind Map JPEG.

My Bedroom Mind Map .mm File.

My Bedroom Worksheet.

Primary School – Lesson Time

Lesson Time Mind Map JPEG.

Lesson Time Mind Map .mm File.

Lesson Time Worksheet.

Primary School – Park Animals

Park Animals Mind Map JPEG.

Park Animals .mm File.

Park Animals Worksheet.