My first days at work – Past Simple regular and irregular.

Complete the paragraphs using the past simple form of the verbs below.

make – have – not cook – work – arrive – clean – be – wash – be – not start – teach – have

I remember my first day working at the restaurant in 2009. I _________________ at 7:30, but I __________________ my shift until 8:00. I __________________ from 8:00 to 1:00 and then I _________________ my lunch break. My new colleagues __________________ me a lot even on my first day. It _________________ a great start to my career.

However, the head chef ________________horrible to me on the second. He __________________ me work very hard. I _________________ plates, _________________ the floors, and I _________________ anything. I _________________ a terrible day.

My first days at work – Worksheet.

My first days at work – Worksheet Answers.