The Gruffalo Comes to Križ

I was delighted to discover that the kids at the Križ primary school had yet to discover the gleeful tale of The Gruffalo. So, a new children’s literature project was born.the gruffalo

We started the journey by looking at the story’s incredibly intelligent heroic mouse and watching a part of the beautiful animated adventure.

We then went on to examine the meeting of Mouse and Fox by pinpointing some of the scene’s features and by reliving how Mouse had described the gruesome Gruffalo.

I am really looking forward to our next meeting. 🙂

Prehistoric Children in Barcola

Yesterday the older classes at Barcola’s primary school  started an English exploration into prehistoric life. Our forthcoming English lessons will not be entirely devoted to this project, but there will be time dedicated to it during each of our sessions together.

We started of the project with Life began in the sea, which we read, digested and answered questions on.  The children really enjoyed this animation which shows trilobites in motion.

Young Creatives at Križ

This afternoon was the second meeting of the ‘Young Creatives’ at Križ primary school. Today we had a good hour of playing, speaking, competing, cutting, colouring and sticking,

We began outside with a quick game of blindfold ‘what’s your name?’. This was stopped earlier than expected as the children became somewhat over excited. 🙂

So, inside we went. We divided into two teams’Cats’ and ‘Dogs’, learnt some greetings, and then competed in our teams to see who remembered the most.

Next we went on to look at numbers. From one to ten and then from eleven to twenty. We worked our memories and finger coordination by counting backward from ten to zero, and then we finished off, in topic, by creating cut-out paper rocket ships.