Ending with a Gruff

The older classes in Križ and I managed to finish our Gruffalo project together before the closing of 2012. We watched the entire BBC Animated adventure over a period of several sessions, mixed in with readings from the adorable picture book.

We continued with descriptive worksheets of the forest scenes; Mouse meets Fox; Mouse meets Owl; and Mouse meets Snake. And Mouse’s descriptions of the Gruffalo; his description to Fox; his description to Owl; and his description to Snake.

All of which was interspaced with autumn activities, Gruffalo word games and paper crafts. 🙂

In our final lesson we brought the unit to an end with a dose of reality by looking at which real animals share the Gruffalo’s various features.

We only scratched the surface of what the book has to offer, but thankfully the children are eager to hear all about ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’. 🙂

The Gruffalo Comes to Križ

I was delighted to discover that the kids at the Križ primary school had yet to discover the gleeful tale of The Gruffalo. So, a new children’s literature project was born.the gruffalo

We started the journey by looking at the story’s incredibly intelligent heroic mouse and watching a part of the beautiful animated adventure.

We then went on to examine the meeting of Mouse and Fox by pinpointing some of the scene’s features and by reliving how Mouse had described the gruesome Gruffalo.

I am really looking forward to our next meeting. 🙂

Getting to know a certain red dragon. :-)

As a part of our Halloween book project a number of classes this week are exploring the features of a red dragon which stars in our Halloween book choice.

This little dragon has big yellow eyes and sharp white horns. He has red scaly skin, but his wings are pink and his belly is white.

There are two versions of the worksheet, one for my younger learners, which includes labels for cutting and sticking, and one for slightly older children, which includes a number of ‘mastery questions’.

I hope that somebody else finds them useful.

Halloween Story Time at Križ

‘Story time’ is ‘special time’, so before the class began I transformed a corner of the classroom into a ‘Room on the Broom’ story telling zone by laying blankets on the floor and putting out soft toys of cats and dogs, birds and frogs, and a pair of ferocious Welsh dragons.

Welsh dragons resting safely back at home after an overexposure to excited children.

The children really enjoyed the interplay of the toys and the multimedia book, so we will be certainly repeating similar episodes in the future.

Room on the Broom

Earlier this week at the Finžgar primary school in Barcola we began to explore Halloween. We embarked on the topic with a multimedia board enhanced reading of Julia Donaldson‘s Room on the Broom.

I love it when publishers provide different ways of reading and interacting with their literature, and more importantly the children love it too.

So, we read and spoke about the book, its words and images, and then we begun with our first Halloween worksheet entitled ‘Witchy Words‘.  The younger class cut, stuck and coloured this worksheet, while the older class wrote and coloured this one.

Looking into my tea leaves, I predict that this is going to be a great Halloween. 🙂

The Snail and The Whale – Jezikajte 2012 – Fame at Last!

Here is Primorski Dnevnik’s report concerning our English language camp. 🙂

The Snail and The Whale – Jezikajte 2012 – Dancing Under The Sea

To the mermaid’s tune ‘under the sea’ we composed steps and strutted our stuff.

The Snail and The Whale – Jezikajte 2012 – Artful Creations

Outside of the classroom’s wall lots of things were happening. We created snail and whale inspired costumes and scenery and used them to perform a theatrical masterpiece.  🙂

Here we are a few snaps of us creating for the big day:

The Snail and the Whale – Jezikajte 2012 – Final Day

The students were so tired today, they had obviously used their last night together to good effect.  So, we started the day with bingo, and word games. Then we spent a little time finishing up the fire brigade unit by thinking about what characteristics a fire fighter should probably have. We came up with courage, strength, and helpfulness, along with a few others.

The final mini-unit was entitled ‘save the whale’. The class suggested notions of why whales should be protected and then wrote them down in a short text.  I thought that this would be a fitting final assignment that highlighted the plight of some of these creatures. The students produced some insightful reasons as to why we should protect whales, including the memorable question: why must they die?

We closed the lesson by going outside to sit on the grass and talk. It seemed a very fitting way for an English course to end. 🙂

The Snail and the Whale – Jezikajte 2012 – Day 4

What a whale of a day! We started with labelling the oceans of the world and discovering that there were 75 species of whale, then we went on to study why the whale isn’t a fish.

We looked at the difference between toothed whales and baleen whales and studied a little about the Earth’s biggest creature, the blue whale. We went outside to measure its length, we compared its size to the largest known dinosaur,  the seismosaurus, and we weighed it against one hundred and twenty elephants.

We went back to the story book for the next unit and followed our intrepid explorers across the globe. We joined them in Antarctica, where we looked at penguins and seals. We followed them to tropical climates, where we discovered Bengal tigers, Boa constrictors, chimpanzees, gorillas and tree frogs. And finally we visited Canada,  where we met three species of bears.

And then the class finished and we returned back to Postojna for lunch. 🙂