Friday The Thirteenth.

Farm Sounds

Shopping for Shoes

Punctuating Women

English is a crazy language!

Drink Driving

Police Officer: ‘Step out of your car, please sir.’

Driver: ‘I can’t, I’m too drunk. You come in!’

The Hospital Receptionist – ‘The Computer says ‘no”.

We continue our journey in this hospital in Pennsylvania.

The health service is free in Britain, if you want to develop secondary infections in America, you have to pay for them.


Receptionist: Oh, for fuck’s sake!

Patient: I have an appointment to see the cardiologist.  My name is Peter Bill.

Receptionist: Computer says ‘No’.  Apparently, you’re already dead.

Patient: That must be a mistake.

Receptionist: Dead.   BOOOO!


The importance of clear pronunciation

Engineering Flowchart