Be positive, negative and interrogative

Make positive sentences.

1. This _____________________ my family.

2. These _____________________ my parents.

3. Lucy _____________________ British.

4. We ______________________ in the garden.

5. I _____________________ very well.

6. This ____________________ her pen.

7. Maria and Anna ____________________ students.

8. My dog ____________________ happy.



Present Perfect Catering

1. A: Do you like the Sushi?

B: I don’t know. I _____________________________ (not / eat) it.

2. My best friend and I _____________________________ (know) each other for over five years. We still get together once a week.

3. Stefan is a fantastic chef. He _____________________________ (work) here for ten years.

4. The bar _____________________________ (not / be) this busy in ages.

5. _______________ you ever ___________ (worked) in an elegant restaurant?

Yes, I _____________________ (work) in two or three.

6. How sad! George is twenty and he _____________________________ (not / drink) a glass of beer.

7. Anna, I can’t believe how much pasta you _____________________________ (make)! We will never eat all that!

8. How many dishes __________________ Daniel _______________ (prepare) for that table?

I think he ____________________ (grill) two steaks and ______________ (make) four sandwiches.

Present Perfect Catering Worksheet.

Present Perfect Catering Answers.

English for Catering: Present Simple or Present Continuous

1. __________ you _____________ (like) pizza?

Yes, I __________.

2. What _____________ you ______________ (do) now?

I __________ (make) a cake.

3. Look! He ____________________ (wear) a very cool t-shirt.

4. __________ Zara usually _______________ (drive) to work?

No, she usually ____________________ (walk).

5. The bar always __________________ (close) at midnight.

6. This food is terrible! I ____________ (not/ enjoy) it.

7. _________ Luca _________________ (cook) tonight?

Yes, he __________ . He is such a good chef.

8. What __________ you normally _______________ (do) on Sundays?

9. I often ____________________ (get up) late and _______________ (eat) a big breakfast.

Present Simple or Present Continuous Worksheet.

Present Simple or Present Continuous Answers.

Present Continuous in the Kitchen

1. John ______________________ (serve) the tables at the moment.

2. What _____________ you ______________ (cook)? It smells wonderful.

3. __________ Zara _______________ (work) the afternoon shift tomorrow?

4. The bar __________________ (not /close) yet. You can order another drink?

5. Why ____________ they __________________ (not / talk) to each other?

6. We ____________________ (share) this dish. So, can we have another plate, please?

7. I ____________________ (not / eat) that. You can take it away.

8. Chris and Helen ____________________ (spend) a week working together.

9. I ____________________ (learn) a lot of new things his year.

10. What __________ you _______________ (do) later?

Present Continuous Worksheet.

Present Continuous Worksheet Answers.

Auxiliary Verbs

Complete the phrases with am, are, is, do, does, did, have, or has.


1. Look at those children. They ____________________ having so much fun.

2. ____________________ your daughter speak French well?

3. ____________________ you learn German when you were at school?

4. ____________________ Ben ever been to Spain?

5. We ____________________ never been to the USA.

6. I ____________________ going to go on holiday soon.

7. ____________________ Mark and Jane like going to the theatre?

8. ____________________ John going to phone you tomorrow?

9. When ____________________ you visit London?

10. ____________________ you ever stayed in a five star Hotel?


Auxiliary Verbs Worksheet.

Auxiliary Verbs Worksheet Answers.

Present Continuous – Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade

Complete the Star Wars text with the present continuous tense.

Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade  ____________________down the steps of Coroscant city hall. It is very cold and it ____________________ heavily, but they  ______________________ very happy. He____________________ a black flight suit with a black coat and boots, while she has decided to wear a simple white gown. They are a very handsome couple.

There ____________________ hundreds of people ____________________ for them outside.  The photographers ____________________ to get nearer, but the security forces ____________________ them. What a wonderful wedding!

stop     wait     come     look     wear    try     rain



Reported Speech 1

1. ‘You can’t park here.’

The police office told Jack..


2. ‘I’ll see you in the morning, Helen.’

Peter told Helen..


3. ‘I’m taking the 5.30 train tomorrow evening.’

Janet said..


4. ‘The trousers have to be ready this afternoon.’

Paul told the dry cleaners..


5. ‘I left my umbrella here two days ago.’

Susan told them..


6. ‘What time does the film start, Peter?’

I asked Peter..


7. ‘Do you watch television every evening, Chris?’

The interviewer asked..


8. ‘Why did you apply for this job?’ asked the sales manager.

The sales manager asked me..


9. ‘Are you taking a lot of money with you to London?’

My bank manager wanted to know..


10. ‘Are you enjoying your flight?’

The flight attendant asked me..


11. ‘Have you ever been to New York, Paul?’

Sue asked Paul..



First Conditional sentences – If I am late, my boss will kill me.

There is one mistake in each first conditional sentence. Find it and then correct it. 

1 Where do you live if you can’t find a flat?

2 If there is a bus strike tomorrow, I drive my car to work.

3 If you will run, you’ll catch the train.

4 I won’t ring you unless I’ll be late.

5 I am going to be happy if he will do his homework.

6 She goes to the party, if she is invited.

7 If it be sunny, we’ll go to the beach.

8 I won’t go to the football match if Beckham can’t playing.

9 I would go skiing on Sunday if it is snowing.

10 It is going to be wonderful, if she will start studying English again.


Present Simple – ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Questions

Make present simple questions:

1. (you / like pizza?)

2. (she / live alone?)

3. (they / enjoy studying?)

4. (you / drink coffee every morning?)

5. (she / smoke?)

6. (John / play football on Saturdays?)

7. (you / go shopping at the weekend?)

8. (you / eat meat?)

9. (Mary / work in an office?)

10. (Susana and Juan / study English?)



I have a headache!

We can use have to talk about possession, family (and other) relationships and illnesses.

 You have a car.  Ann has two sisters.  Pete has a nice girlfriend.  Joe had a cold last week.

You don’t have a car.  Ann doesn’t have two sisters.  Pete doesn’t have a nice girlfriend.  Joe didn’t have a cold last week.

Do you have a car?  Does Ann have two sisters?  Does Pete have a nice girlfriend?  Did Joe have a cold last week?

We also say that people have hair, eyes etc; and that things have parts.

You have brown hair.  Our old car had two doors. Her laptop has four USB ports.

You don’t have brown hair.  Our old car didn’t have two doors.  Her laptop doesn’t have four USB ports.

 Do you have brown hair?  Did our old car have two doors?  Does her laptop have four USB ports?

Circle the correct form

  • John / I have two brothers.
  • Mary has / had a cold yesterday.
  • My father / My parents has two cars.
  • We all / Sally have blue eyes.
  • I had /have a headache yesterday evening.
  • I can’t read The Lord of The Rings it had/ has  over 1000 pages!
  • Ann had a good job now / last year.


Make questions (?) or negatives (-) with have.

  • you / a cat (?)
  • Mike /many friends (-)
  • we / garden (-)
  • Why / you / two cars (?)
  • my aunt / a black cat (-)


Make sentences about Ann when she was six.

  • a bicycle (?)
  • a dog (+)
  • a computer (-)
  • many nice clothes (-)
  • lots of friends (?)