Grand Robotic Mayhem

Following on from Wallace and Gromit‘s meeting with the luna-robot, I thought that we would have some more robotic fun for ourselves.

Barcola primary school was the lesson’s ‘advanced guard’, but my other English groups will not be too far behind. 🙂

We began the session with some youtube enhanced discussions concerning real and make-believe robots. Firstly we looked at a Wall-e short, which the children correctly identified as make-believe.

Then we watched a Honda commercial featuring Asimo.

I explained to them that Asimo was indeed a real robot, but that he needed a squad of technicians on hand to program him even for ‘simple’ tasks. Some of the children seemed relieved to hear this!

After a simple worksheet linking us back to the Wallace and Gromit adventure, we got down to some real fun. So, out came the cardboard boxes, balloons, and Lego for some grand low-tech robotic creations. (more…)


Scuola dell’ infanzia di Barcola 2011

This week I finished the nursery school year with two end of year shows.  We sang head, shoulders, knees and toes and Jelly on a plate. We recognized colours and animals. We stood up, sat down, turned around and jumped. And we even played rockets and counted backwards from 10 – 0 before blasting off. The children were really great, and it really gave the parents a little window into what we had done during the year.

Thank you children and nursery school teachers, it was fun working with you. I hope we can do it again next year.

Scuola dell’ infanzia’s 12th session

  • In the 3rd year class today we spoke about rainy days and wintry clothes, as well as revising past topics we began to learn a new song, ‘It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring’.
  • In the 2nd year class we practised our past topics and songs and we also learnt three new animals, the sheep, the cow and the horse.

It was a very productive week. 🙂

Scuola dell’ infanzia di Barcola 7th session

Another great week at the preschool. The children really seem to be enjoying it. 🙂

  • In the 3rd year class we learnt words about the weather, sang, counted, remembered animal names and practised our colours.
  • In the 2nd year class we sang our learnt songs and learnt a new one, I can sing a rainbow. We counted from 1 to 10 and from 10 to 1, and we learnt some animal names.

Scuola dell’ infanzia di Barcola 6th session

During our sixth session this is what we did. 🙂

  • In the 3rd year class we sang, we practised our colours, counted and learned some phrases to describe the weather.
  • In the 2nd year class we practised naming parts of our body, we counted to ten and counted down from ten, and we sang Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, and we learnt a new song entitled Good Morning to You.

Finžgar’s 9th and 10th session

Over the last two weeks the 5th and 4th classes have concentrated on reading and completing the exercises of the first edition of our Kids’ News magazine. They have loved it and are eagerly awaiting to begin the December-March edition. We completed a unit dedicated to Autumn.

Over the past two weeks we have only had one lesson for the 2nd and 3rd class. In it we finished off the Autumn unit which we had already started.

Finžgar’s 8th session

What a week!

  • In the 5th class we finished the ‘Have got’ unit, by asking each other questions, following drawing instructions, and describing picture differences. We finished by watching 10 minutes of Harry Potter.
  • In the 4th class we continued the ‘My bedroom’ unit, concentrating on the construction of ‘there is’. We ended with the class favourite of Hangman.
  • And in the 2nd and 3rd class, which was very ‘lively’ this week, we finished the ‘Family’ unit and began ‘Autumn’. At the end of the class we formed a circle and asked each other questions.

Scuola dell’ infanzia di Barcola 4th session

On Friday we held our 4th preschool English session, and it was great. 🙂 As well as teaching the nursery’s third year, we also began classes with those in the second.

  • In the 3rd year class we continued with the numbers 1-20, the primary colours, body parts, shapes, animals and plants. We sang a few songs including our new favourite ‘One potato, two potato.’
  • In the new 2nd year class we counted from 1 to 10, we learnt a few colours, and body parts and sang our first song, ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes.’ We also learnt to answer that  important question ‘What is your name?’ 🙂

I will keep you further updated.

Mad for Music

This week at The Elementary English Club we learnt the names of various musical instruments in English.

In the order class this included writing and sketching the instruments, playing memory card matching and bingo. Finally we exercised our comprehension by listen to a song, Eternal Flame, and selecting the correct words to complete its lyric sheet. Many of them did very well at this final game, especially considering that it was the first time that they had encounted it.

The younger class were a little chaotic this week, but together we managed to trace the words of a number of instruments and sketch them. Afterwards we played circle games, including musical miming.

I would like to continue with this topic for another session. The music comprehension exercise was especially rewarding and I hope to build on this as the club develops,

The Eggs of Spring

This week at Finžgar the 4th and 5th classes concentrated on Spring and Easter vocabulary as it was the last time I would meet them before the spring break.

Including the writing down and reciting of two simple spring poems.

The session went reasonably well, a part of each club session is now regularly ‘self-directed’. And during this period they visibly enjoy the freedom of being able to choose which activity they do.

However, I would like to somehow encourage them to use more English among themselves during each session.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd class was a more lighthearted affair, while they did learn/revise a number of Spring and Easter words, much of the time was spent singing (ABC, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes), playing circle games and playing Simon says.  Good fun was had by all, including me!! 🙂