Drink Driving

Police Officer: ‘Step out of your car, please sir.’

Driver: ‘I can’t, I’m too drunk. You come in!’


I HATE drink-driving, when I first came to Trieste it was the aspect of my friends’ social lives that agitated me the most. I come from a culture where drinking alcohol and then driving while under its influence is frowned upon.  There are, of course, some subcultures where it is accepted, but in general the regular ‘drink driver’ is stigmatized by society.

I remember that in the UK the TV campaign against drink-driving started in the 1970s, when it was a far more acceptable habit.

Since then their have been numerous TV adverts supporting the cause. The ones that sticks in my mind the most is this one from the mid 1990s:

And this one from the early 2000s:

Such advert campaigns don’t seem to happen here. I have seen an occasional one, but they seem to have far less of an impact. I believe this is the major reason why drink-driving is still so acceptable over here.

Are the UK ad campaigns a success? Well, after reading this 2010 article from The Independent, I would say they are. 🙂