A Grand Project for ‘A Grand Day Out’

Earlier this week some of the children began their first Wallace and Gromit project, based on the duo’s first animated adventure: ‘A Grand Day Out‘.

We started out by watching the film, which all of the children seemed to love, and then we went on to a comprehension exercise. With the youngest classes we completed simple comprehension sentences, while with the slightly older classes answered some comprehension questions.

The remainer of the lesson was spent on either building our own rocket-ships or designing our very own luna-robots.

Where the wild things are – Day 3

Today was a day of oceanic adventures, but before we began on our voyage into the deep blue sea we had to make sure our stomachs were well prepared. So, with that in mind, we began our day with a wild breakfast of fresh apple slices and garden picked strawberries.  All of which were appreciated and eaten with gusto.

After having eaten, we moved to our questioning circle.

  • How are you? – Emphasizing the ‘are’.
  • What are you wearing today? – There were a lot of shorts!
  • What’s your favourite job?

That being done, we commenced our wild ocean voyage. We started by playing a hangman picture and word game concerning creatures of the deep. It was the class versus me, and I am happy to say that they beat me 7-0.

This took us to our first artistic exercise. Dajana had the children created multicoloured  denizens of the seas which were soon hanging from ribbons about our heads.  We were now officially living in a fishbowl, privacy had become a thing of the past!

We then asked ourselves the question of what we would take on a private boat if we were going on a year long adventure. We soon found out that the room was made up of both practical minded young sailors and land-ridden dreamers. 🙂

Next we moved outside to a little ‘sink or float’ experiment. The children gathered an array of objects and one by one dropped them into a bowl of water to see which floated and which sank. It was a nice game to play on a sunny day.

Dajana, then led the group in making paper origami boats.  Soon we had a whole ocean scene decorated with boats, and personalised make-believe children sailors. The real children really loved this activity.

We continued with singing, first we learnt and sang a YouTube enhanced ‘Spider Pig‘, however, as the singing involved neither microphones, nor point scoring, the children weren’t very impressed. So, back to Nintendo Wii we went with the two songs of the previous days.

We ended the morning with ‘What’s the time Mr Wolverine?’. This metamorphosis of our earlier game occured, because one of our young wild things brought with him his X-Men Wolverine claws. 😀