Easy Guitar and Summertime English – Final Day

Today was the final day of a great week of guitar music, English songs, outdoor fun and games, and mini English lessons.

Today’s English lesson regarded the use of ‘can‘. The children spoke and wrote about things that each of them could do with the aid of a worksheet. We then collected the work we had done together over the last five days and compiled it all in folders. These were later presented to each child at the beginning of the final show.

The final show itself was excellent, all the children sang and played wonderfully. Even though I was not directly involved in the week’s music lessons, here are the lyrics to a number of the songs which the children performed. I hope the parents will use take them and encourage their singing at home. 🙂

Peanut Butter Sandwich

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat

Happy Birthday To You

I Met a Bear


Easy Guitar and Summertime English – Day 4

Today our English lessons were made a little shorter as the children had to prepare for tomorrow’s show.  It really was a treat to hear them sing and play their guitars. It will be a great performance.

So, today we only really concentrated on one topic, the human body. With pencils and coloured pens we completed a simple worksheet, and then I quizzed them about what terms they remembered. I really would have liked more time to work and play with them, but that’s show business! 🙂

Easy Guitar and Summertime English – Day 3

Today we began classes with a ‘sporting summer’ themed game of hangman on the blackboard. We mainly used known vocabulary, but a few new words were also introduced. The children loved the way they often beat me. 😉

We spent the rest of our short lesson time learning and revising vocabulary while playing with letter tiles and completing a ‘sports crossword‘. 🙂

Easy Guitar and Summertime English – Day 1

Today was the first day of Easy Guitar 2012. This year’s camp also officially includes daily lessons in English. 😀

In today’s classroom we focused on summer holiday activities with laughter, conversation and a cut and stick worksheet.