The Snail and the Whale – Jezikajte 2012 – Day 4

What a whale of a day! We started with labelling the oceans of the world and discovering that there were 75 species of whale, then we went on to study why the whale isn’t a fish.

We looked at the difference between toothed whales and baleen whales and studied a little about the Earth’s biggest creature, the blue whale. We went outside to measure its length, we compared its size to the largest known dinosaur,  the seismosaurus, and we weighed it against one hundred and twenty elephants.

We went back to the story book for the next unit and followed our intrepid explorers across the globe. We joined them in Antarctica, where we looked at penguins and seals. We followed them to tropical climates, where we discovered Bengal tigers, Boa constrictors, chimpanzees, gorillas and tree frogs. And finally we visited Canada,  where we met three species of bears.

And then the class finished and we returned back to Postojna for lunch. 🙂