Time to get up! – Phrasal Verbs with Get.


Complete each sentence with the correct form of a phrasal verb.

  1. I don’t ____________________ with my partner’s parents. I really think they hate me.
  2. Can you please __________________ the car? We are going to be late unless we hurry.
  3. ___________________ from the edge, you might fall in!
  4. I ____________________ the train just as it was leaving.
  5. It is sometimes difficult to ___________________ a disappointing result.
  6. She _____________________ not doing her homework yesterday.
  7. Do you think I can ____________________ in London with £20 pounds a day?
  8. ____________________ there and tidy your room!
  9. What bus stop do we need to _______________________ at?
  10. Did you ____________________ the pen you lent John yesterday?
  11. I couldn’t ____________________ this morning.
  12. I really love ____________________ at the disco.

get away – get in – get over – get along – get into – get on

get by – get away with – get up – get off – get back – get down

Worksheet .doc

Answers .doc


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