The Snail and the Whale – Jezikajte 2012 – Day 3

This morning’s lesson began with us all wondering what we would take with us on a sailboat journey around the world. I was surprised to discover that we came up with lots of  legitimate answers, including  pillows and blankets, food and water, a first aid kit and a fishing rod.

We then began thinking about snails, which was the topic of our next mini-unit. We labelled a picture’s body parts, and then we interviewed our story sea snail. Firstly, before she had embarked on her journey we asked her exactly why she wanted to go, and then, after she had returned, we asked  her about her travel experiences. Our next task was to create personal mind maps about what we ourselves wanted to see, eat, be and visit in our own lives. We finished up the unit by looking at ‘animal coverings’, we now knew that the snail had a shell, but we broadened the scope to discover which animals were covered in fur, feathers, scales and smooth skin.

The final unit of the day was concerning humpback whales. We began with chalk and tape, and together we measured a humpback’s possible sixteen metre length and five metre flippers, and after with hypothetical scales we weighed one humpback whale against a possible thirty-six one ton elephants. After marvelling at its size, we interviewed our story humpback and discovered why he liked to travel and exactly who his friends were.


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