Where the wild things are – The Fifth and Final Day

We started our fifth and final day by eating apples and muffins, and reading ‘This is London‘, which was brought along by one of the children. We sat, ate, read, and spoke about London, and all was well.

When we got inside the classroom, with paper and scissors, we began by distinguishing between wild animals and tame animals. This was a nice exercise and it got the children thinking and laughing.

The laughing continued with Dajana as the children made monstrous masks. Back outside again, the game changed once more: ‘What’s the time, Mr Werewolf?’. 🙂

Once inside, we compiled a list of seven laws which the children would enforce if they were kings and queens.

  • You must play.
  • You must not go to school.
  • You must study English with Michael and Dajana.
  • You must sometimes swim in larva.
  • You must not look at goldfish.
  • You must not drive a car.
  • You must ride a horse or shark.

Thus having put their kingdom in order they ‘let the wild rumpus start‘ by creating a ‘Wild Rumpus‘ mind map. It included such activities as drumming, tree climbing and water fighting. What a great party! 🙂

The final art activity of the week had the children rapidly sketching Dajana and I performing ‘Wild Scenarios‘ which saw us being monsters, playing drums, shooting guns and having Dajana effectively transforming herself into a human cat.

And so with the children running and singing and shouting outside in a final rumpus, we brought this astounding week to an end.

I hope our wild things had something hot waiting for them when they got home. 🙂

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