Where the wild things are – Day 4

We began the day with some apple cake which Dajana made at home. It was a delicious breakfast, even if some of the children seemed to think otherwise!

After having eaten, we started our ‘question circle’. The main point of the session was to distinguish the difference between ‘How are you?‘ and ‘How old are you?‘. I am happy to say that the children passed the test. 🙂

The theme of the day was body parts, but before we began we all gathered in the projector room and watched a short animated version of Maurice Sendak‘s book. The children really appreciated this.

Back into the classroom we went, and with pencils, coloured pens and paper we matched and coloured words and pictures concerning the human body. Some of these body parts were already known to the children, while others were new to their ears.

Soon after, Dajana and the children created child sized paper puppets. The initial idea was for the children to create a boy and a girl, but being a wild week they instead decided to create a werewolf and a female bearded monster.

When their horrific creations were finally completed  they returned to me from a little monster inspired English. Firstly, we named monster body parts, and then, taking descriptive lines from ‘Where the wild things are‘, we wrote and illustrated a four page ‘wild thing’ mini-book.

  • Wild things roar terrible roars.
  • Wild things gnash terrible teeth.
  • Wild things roll terrible eyes.
  • Wild things show terrible claws.

After this was completed, each child, with Dajana’s help, drew child sized fantasy creatures. Our classroom was soon full of colourful vampires, werewolves, and fairies.

This inspiring activity took the children’s minds away from a Nintendo Wii karaoke battle, and instead they were content to sing their songs while they worked.

Another great morning was brought to a close. 🙂


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