Story Cube Adventure – The wanderings of a young boy.

Once upon a time there was a man building a castle. While he was building, his son threw a ball and instantly both a ghost and a comet appeared.

The ball disappeared over the top of the castle, so the boy, laughing madly, climbed a nearby ladder and left his father working alone.  At the bottom of the cliff, on which the castle was being built, he found a box. He started carrying the box away, when he stumbled.

As soon as he hit the ground he fell asleep. He dreamed  he was a pirate sailing the oceans.  He hadn’t realised how hard he would have to work in order to get his fortune. But one night, after a hard day’s work, he played a game of dice with his shipmates, and he won a golden cane.

He wondered what further adventures it would bring.

Created by The No. 1 Ladies’ Discussion Group.


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  1. Wow, with your little adjustment and drawings our story is getting a real novel. Thanks!

    • I only changed a couple of words to avoid repetition. 🙂

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