Present Perfect Catering

1. A: Do you like the Sushi?

B: I don’t know. I _____________________________ (not / eat) it.

2. My best friend and I _____________________________ (know) each other for over five years. We still get together once a week.

3. Stefan is a fantastic chef. He _____________________________ (work) here for ten years.

4. The bar _____________________________ (not / be) this busy in ages.

5. _______________ you ever ___________ (worked) in an elegant restaurant?

Yes, I _____________________ (work) in two or three.

6. How sad! George is twenty and he _____________________________ (not / drink) a glass of beer.

7. Anna, I can’t believe how much pasta you _____________________________ (make)! We will never eat all that!

8. How many dishes __________________ Daniel _______________ (prepare) for that table?

I think he ____________________ (grill) two steaks and ______________ (make) four sandwiches.

Present Perfect Catering Worksheet.

Present Perfect Catering Answers.


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