Present Continuous in the Kitchen

1. John ______________________ (serve) the tables at the moment.

2. What _____________ you ______________ (cook)? It smells wonderful.

3. __________ Zara _______________ (work) the afternoon shift tomorrow?

4. The bar __________________ (not /close) yet. You can order another drink?

5. Why ____________ they __________________ (not / talk) to each other?

6. We ____________________ (share) this dish. So, can we have another plate, please?

7. I ____________________ (not / eat) that. You can take it away.

8. Chris and Helen ____________________ (spend) a week working together.

9. I ____________________ (learn) a lot of new things his year.

10. What __________ you _______________ (do) later?

Present Continuous Worksheet.

Present Continuous Worksheet Answers.


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