Bar and Cafè Vocabulary

1. This drink has two ____________________ (shots/drops) of espresso. It’s very strong.

2. The milk in on the little table at the end of the _________________________ (counter/floor).

3. “____________________” (Decaf/Caffeinated) is short for “decaffeinated.”

4. If someone is lactose-_____________________(intolerant/introspective) it means that they can’t drink milk.

5. This is the smallest_____________________ (size/dimension) cup we have.

6. Starbucks is an example of a ____________________(chain/keychain).  It is a cafè which has multiple locations.

7. Your coffee will be in a ready in a ____________________ (couple/few) of minutes. I’ll call you.

8. An Americano is a shot of espresso _______________(poured/placed) into a glass of hot water.

9. Our muffins are ____________________(baked/cooked) fresh every morning.

10. All of our coffees are made from high-___________________(worth/quality) beans.

11. Make sure you grind the coffee beans just before you ______________________ (make/do) the coffee.

12. Milk foam is commonly referred to as _____________________(froth/freight).

13. Our most _____________________ (populist/popular) coffee is espresso.

14. All the tables inside are occupied, but our outside ______________________ (patio/zone) has plenty of free tables.

15. “______________________” (Java/Brownie) is a very common American slang word for “coffee.”



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