I have a headache!

We can use have to talk about possession, family (and other) relationships and illnesses.

 You have a car.  Ann has two sisters.  Pete has a nice girlfriend.  Joe had a cold last week.

You don’t have a car.  Ann doesn’t have two sisters.  Pete doesn’t have a nice girlfriend.  Joe didn’t have a cold last week.

Do you have a car?  Does Ann have two sisters?  Does Pete have a nice girlfriend?  Did Joe have a cold last week?

We also say that people have hair, eyes etc; and that things have parts.

You have brown hair.  Our old car had two doors. Her laptop has four USB ports.

You don’t have brown hair.  Our old car didn’t have two doors.  Her laptop doesn’t have four USB ports.

 Do you have brown hair?  Did our old car have two doors?  Does her laptop have four USB ports?

Circle the correct form

  • John / I have two brothers.
  • Mary has / had a cold yesterday.
  • My father / My parents has two cars.
  • We all / Sally have blue eyes.
  • I had /have a headache yesterday evening.
  • I can’t read The Lord of The Rings it had/ has  over 1000 pages!
  • Ann had a good job now / last year.


Make questions (?) or negatives (-) with have.

  • you / a cat (?)
  • Mike /many friends (-)
  • we / garden (-)
  • Why / you / two cars (?)
  • my aunt / a black cat (-)


Make sentences about Ann when she was six.

  • a bicycle (?)
  • a dog (+)
  • a computer (-)
  • many nice clothes (-)
  • lots of friends (?)



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