Questions and Answers

Match the questions a- j with the responses 1-10.

(a) Whose is this coat?

(b) How many cats have you got?

(c) How much did your bike cost?

(d) Could you help me, please?

(e) Would you like some more to eat?

(f) Do you like carrot cake?

(g) Where are you going on holiday?

(h) Why are you going to the chemist’s

(i) Where were you last night?

(j) Who’s the new cook?


(1) Yes, of course. What can I do for you?

(2) Yes, I think it’s very nice.

(3) To buy some toothpaste.

(4) To Turkey.

(5) I stayed at home.

(6) Three.

(7) It’s mine.

(8) £100.

(9) Her name’s Julie.

(10) No, thanks, I’m full.


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