Question Words

Complete the sentences with what, who, which, whose or how.

1. _______________ long is the journey to the airport? I hope it doesn’t take too much time.

2. _______________ coat is that over there? I think it belongs to John.

3. _______________ have you eaten today?

4. _______________ way is it to the nearest bank, please?

5. _______________ are you feeling today? I know that you weren’t so well yesterday.

6. _______________ do you feel like doing tonight? Do you want to watch a film?

7. _______________ was at the party last night?

8. _______________ many people work in your office?

9. _______________ should I buy? I like the blue dress, but the red one is nice too.

10. _______________ is Trieste like? Is it a nice place to live?

11. _______________ do you prefer, your old boss or your new one?

12. _______________ size shoes do you usually take? Personally, I take a size 43.

13. _______________ kind of music does she prefer?

14. _______________ much does that laptop cost, please?

15. _______________ do you look like? People say that I look like my father.



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