Future Simple or Be Going To – 1

1. A: Why are you holding a piece of paper?

B: I ________________________ (write) a letter to my friends back home in Texas.

2. A: I’m about to fall asleep. I need to wake up!

B: I ________________________ (get) you a cup of coffee. That will wake you up.

3. A: I can’t hear the television!

B: I ________________________ (turn) it up so you can hear it.

4. We are so excited about our trip next month to France. We ________________________ (visit) Paris, Nice and Grenoble.

5. Sarah ________________________ (come) to the party. Oliver ________________________ (be) there as well.

6. Ted: It is so hot in here!

Sarah: I ________________________ (turn) the air-conditioning on.

7. I think he ________________________ (be) the next President of the United States.

8. After I graduate, I ________________________ (attend) medical school and become a doctor. I have wanted to be a doctor all my life.

9. A: Excuse me, I need to talk to someone about our hotel room. I am afraid it is simply too small for four people.

B: That man at the service counter ________________________ (help) you.

10. As soon as the weather clears up, we ________________________ (walk) down to the beach and go swimming.



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