Past Perfect Simple or Past Perfect Continuous

I’m sorry I left without you last night, but I told you to meet me early because the show started at 8:00. I ____________________ (try) to get tickets for that play for months, and I didn’t want to miss it. By the time I finally left the coffee shop where we were supposed to meet, I ____________________ (have) five cups of coffee and I ____________________ (wait) over an hour. I had to leave because I ____________________ (arrange) to meet Kathy in front of the theatre.

When I arrived at the theatre, Kathy ____________________ (pick, already) up the tickets and she was waiting for us near the entrance. She was really angry because she ____________________ (wait) for more than half an hour. She said she ____________________ (give, almost) up and ____________________ (go) into the theatre without us.

Kathy told me you ____________________ (be) late several times in the past and that she would not make plans with you again in the future. She mentioned that she ____________________ (miss) several plays because of your late arrivals. I think you owe her an apology. And in the future, I suggest you be on time!



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