The Dolphins of Barcola

Yesterday, I felt a thrill run through me as I saw two dolphins frolicking in the seas of Barcola. They were first brought to my attention by the children around me who started shouting ‘Delfini’, and running closer to the shore. The Dolphins were at quite a distance but we could see them clearing the waves with high flying leaps. It was the first of the day’s two wonderful sightings, because as the sun started to drop and the beach started to empty they returned, diving and jumping among the crests.

They are sociable, curious, playful, intelligent and have a long history of interacting with us. All of these traits have been cast into tales since time immemorial, however, I feel there is something more behind their almost universal appeal. I think, it has a lot  to do with their physiology. More specifically their wrinkle free baby like faces and their endearing permanent ‘smiles’ .

Yet I am sorry to report that life for dolphins is not all fun and games. Due to hunting, some species of dolphins are in fact endangered, while others are caught and held in captivity for our entertainment. The smiling faces of those in bondage seem to tell us that they love living in swimming pools and jumping through hoops, but the truth is they don’t. The ‘smile’ is not really a smile at all, it is a permanent expression that expresses nothing.

This is the trailer to ‘The Cove’, a hard hitting film that documents their plight. The film, in its entirety, isn’t  easy viewing, but I suggest every dolphin lover out there should watch and act upon its findings.

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