Present Continuous or Present Perfect Continuous 1

1. It _____________________ (rain) all week. I hope it stops by Saturday because I want to go to the beach.

2. Sid: Where is Gary?

Sarah: He_____________________ (study) at the library for his English test on Wednesday. In fact, he _____________________ (revise) for the test every day for the last week.

3. You look really great! _____________________ you _____________________ (exercise) a lot recently?

4. Frank, where have you been? We _____________________ (wait) for you since 1 PM.

5. Tim: What is that sound?

Nancy: A car alarm _____________________ (ring) somewhere down the street. It _____________________ (drive) me crazy – I wish it would stop! It _____________________ (ring) for more than twenty minutes.

6. Joseph’s English _____________________ (improve, really) , isn’t it? He _____________________ (watch) English speaking television programs and _____________________ (study) grammar every day since he first began his English lessons. Soon he will be totally fluent.

7. Dan: You look a little tired. _____________________ you _____________________ (get) enough sleep lately?

Michelle: Yes, I _____________________ (sleep) relatively well. I just look tired because I _____________________ (feel) a little sick for the last week.

Dan: I hope you feel better soon.

Michelle: Thanks. I _____________________ (take, currently) some medicine, so I should feel better in a couple of days.



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