English Summer Camp Pliskovica – Days Five and Six

Day five was filled with the future. 🙂 The students learnt and practiced the future intentional be going to. Some of them had already learnt it at school, but most had not. Final presentation plans were confirmed and the class was split into two groups, with half concentrating on a Gruffalo presentation and half on singing a song.  Practice began in earnest.

Day six was perhaps the hottest we had had. The kids were tired, but determined to give a good performance, so we began the class with some presentation practice. I then dragged them through some final grammar work and pushed them into some English conversation. We spoke about their favourite things, their hobbies and school lives, but they become most active when they spoke about which school teacher they liked the least!  We also spoke about how I could make my lessons better in next year’s camp. This was great feedback. 🙂


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