Third Conditional 1

1. He crashed his car, because he fell asleep while driving.

If he ____________________ asleep while driving, he ____________________ his car.


2. We couldn’t go to the concert, because we didn’t have enough money.

If we ____________________ enough money, we ____________________ to the concert.


3. I lost my job because I was late for work.

I ____________________ my job if I ____________________ late for work.


4. The wind was so strong that the bridge collapsed.

If the wind ____________________ so strong, the bridge ____________________.


5. I couldn’t call Sally because I had lost her number.

I ____________________ Sally If ____________________ her number.




1. If she ____________________ (be) to university, it ____________________ (help) her career.


2. she ____________________(not meet) her old school friend again if she ____________________ (not begin) studying English.


3. If he ____________________(not spend) the whole of Saturday night in a bar, he ____________________ (have / still) some money in his pocket on Sunday.


4. If she ____________________ (win) the lottery last week, she ____________________ (already / resign) from work.


5. She ____________________ (not feel) so confident in America if she ____________________ (restart) her English lessons.


6. If I ____________________ (go) to town last week, I ____________________ (had) a cup of coffee with Suzie.




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