Past Simple and Present Perfect 2


 Since computers were first introduced to the public in the early 1980’s, technology ____________________ (change) a great deal. The first computers ____________________ (be) simple machines designed for basic tasks. They ____________________ (have, not) much memory and they ____________________ (be, not) very powerful. Early computers were often quite expensive and customers often ____________________ (pay) thousands of dollars for machines which actually ____________________ (do) very little. Most computers____________________ (be) separate, individual machines used mostly as expensive typewriters or for playing games.


Times ____________________ (change). Computers ____________________ (become) powerful machines with very practical applications. Programmers ____________________ (create) a large selection of useful programs which do everything from teaching foreign languages to bookkeeping. We are still playing video games, but today’s games ____________________ (become) faster, more exciting interactive adventures. Many computer users ____________________ (get, also) on the Internet and ____________________ (begin) communicating with other computer users around the world. We ____________________ (start) to create international communities on-line. In short, the simple, individual machines of the past ____________________ (evolve) into an international World Wide Web of knowledge.




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